6 Home Remedies to get rid of Sunburn

Sunburn is the biggest bane of summer time; it not only tans our skins but slowly gets converted into serious skin disease which cannot be cured easily. One has to protect herself from sunburn as protection from sunburn is easier that curing it. Now days not only in summer time sunburn can be caused any in any time of year because its main reason is exposed to ultra violet rays. When your skin is exposed to sunburn then it produces melanin. Melanin is basically the dark pigment the top layer of the skin which gives color and also determines how tan your skin can get. Having sunburn once in a while is not a big issue but you have to make sure it can be cured as soon as possible and you must prevent yourself from getting it again. In general, to protect yourself from ultra violet rays carry umbrella, hats, and shades and also apply sunscreen lotion on your body whenever you go outside.

Now talking about how to prevent it; you must the following remedies and note it down.

  1. CHILLED MILK COMPRESS: Chilled milk compress is the easiest and simplest remedy and can be done within negligible time. Now only it makes you feel relieve from the irritation caused by the sunburn but only make a layer of protein on your skin to prevent it from further getting directly exposed to sun rays. For this you need, a jug full of chilled milk and a cotton cloth or gauge. So firstly take jug of chilled milk high enough so that it can soak cotton cloth completely. When the cloth gets saturated and takes it out and squeezes it so that extra liquid can be drained off from it. Finally put this cloth on the affected area for 4-5 minutes; again repeat this procedure. You can do this remedy until sunburn cannot be cured completely.
  2. ALOE VERA GEL: Aloe Vera mainly composes of 99% of water and rest 1% consists of approximately 150 minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, chrome, zinc, manganese, etc. it also contains tannins and selenium which are most preferable for sunburn treatment and are also present in every sunscreen lotion. So for this remedy you need aloe Vera leaf and knife. Follow the given steps:
  • With the help of knife cut a single leaf of aloe Vera.
  • Further gain cut that leaf from the middle to take out the gel with knife.
  • Apply it on affected area and forget.
  • Aloe Vera gets soaked completely in your skin.
  • If in case you feel sticky, you can wash it with the cold water.
  • Reapply it several times in a day.
  1. POTATO PASTE: Potato is mainly known as the pain reliever, and helps you to cope up with the minor irritation and pain caused by the sunburn. You can make of potato in any of two ways: a) by making potato juice b) by grating potato with the help of grater. So will need some potatoes, a cotton cloth and grater or blender. First of all grate a potato without peeling it; if in case you want to make juice of it you can use juicer for this. Now take this grated potato in a bowl, if in case it seems too much dry then you can add little amount of water in it too. Soak cotton cloth in the mixture and apply it on your skin.
  2. COCONUT: Coconut serves dual purpose and it is a great remedy for this. Firstly you can drink coconut water to your skin moisturized and also it contains many vitamins which help you to cure sunburn. Another way to make use of coconut is apply coconut oil on your skin and let it stay for about 20 minutes; now slowly wash it off with the cold water. Repeat this twice a day.
  3. OATMEAL POWDER: Oats are very rich source of anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, which makes its best suited to cure sunburn. Given below are two main ways of how to use oatmeal to get rid of sunburn.
  • Take ½ cup of uncooked oats and with the help of processor, make a powder of it. Now add ¼ cup of milk and half table spoon of honey and finally make a fine paste of it. Apply in paste on affected part. And leave it as it is for about 10 minutes; then wash it with cold water Reapply it at least thrice a stay.
  • Another way to use oatmeal is to make a fine powder of oatmeal and add it your bath water.
  1. CUCUMBER: As cucumber has natural tendency of cooling and calming skin from inflammation caused by the sun rays. So place pieces of cucumber or you can also apply paste of cucumber on the blistered skin. This will cure your skin from sunburn. Repeat this once in a day until sunburn is cured completely.