8 Reasons what causes Leg Cramps at night

Leg cramps mostly occur at night while you sleep, painful contraction of the leg muscles is leg cramps also known as ‘Night leg cramps’ or ‘Charlie horse’ whereas

In Australia, it is known as corked thigh or corky.

Pain which is caused by muscle cramps can sustain up to a few seconds to 5-10 minuets. Sometimes, these Charlie horses are so painful that it doesn’t let you fall sleep.

Although, these leg cramps are considered as harmless.

causes of leg cramps at night

Some peoples experience these cramps in foot, i.e., foot cramps instead of legs.

Reasons what cause Leg Cramps or Charlie Horses

There are many reasons which cause leg cramps of Charlie horses. They are classified into two parts unknown causes and known causes.

Main Reasons of known causes of leg or foot cramps are mentioned below..

  • Alcohol abuse & Dehydration
  • Electrolyte Imbalance
  • Disease (like thyroid, kidney failure, chronic & type-2 diabetes..)
  • Neurological conditions
  • Swelling of tissues & fatigue muscles
  • Pregnancy ( in later stages)
  • Deficiency of essential minerals & vitamins
  • Toxin ( like mercury & lead poisoning ) & pH value

Alcohol Abuse & Dehydration

Each ion is necessary for our body within narrow limits, due to alcohol abuse or any other reason  we experience dehydration, which affect the concentration of ions in our body as mentioned on OADE wellness & Healthline.

Draining of potassium due to alcohol abuse or any other possible reason results in muscle cramps and dizziness, sometimes it may cause faintness also.

Deficiency of Mineral & vitamins

Minerals like magnesium, potassium and vitamins like B1, B5 & B6  is one of the most common cause of leg cramps.

Ancient Minerals mentioned shed light on some great points regarding when you require more magnesium in your diet.

Carbonated drinks, sweet foods, tea and coffee on a regular basis can cause deficiency of magnesium in your body.  Sugar products not only contains zero level of magnesium, but it also cause the excretion of magnesium through the kidney.

Medicine net told, the precise role of muscle spasm due to lack of Vitamin B1, B5 & B6 is still unknown.

Pregnancy – in later stages

Strain on leg muscles due to the extra weight of pregnancy make leg spasm more vulnerable.

Especially in later stages of pregnancy as weight increases in later stages.

Fatigue muscles and swelling of tissues

As mentioned on NHS, Due to excessive strain placed on muscles of the legs, such as when cycling or following a workout plan for the legs and thighs, while may cause the muscles to spasm certain times.

Toxin & pH value in Body

High or low pH or substrate concentrations in the blood or high level of toxic elements like mercury and lead,  can cause these muscle spasms in the legs.

How to Prevent from Leg Cramps

  • Calf stretch & Daily  foot exercise, but don’t stand or sit with crossed legs for a long time.
  • Have a Warm bath before hitting the bed.

..Or You can try some of the Remedies for Leg cramps which we already covered in our post. If you have any other way to prevent yourself from Charlie horses or how to get rid of leg cramps let us know in the comments.

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