17 Hobbies Every Women should Try after 30’s

1. Gardening
Gardening is a good hobby for women. It’s like an art. You can make your home beautiful with the help of indoor gardens.

When the cute and colorful flower grow in your home, you feel more relief to see them and the fragrance of the flowers makes you feel refreshed. This hobby fills your time with happiness and good way to relax. Your home will fill with the positive energy.

2. Cooking
This is one of  my hobbies and I am sure you’ll really like this fantastic hobby. Learning and making delicious dishes at your home, it’s a good thing. You can enjoy your time in your kitchen and learn many types of dish and make them. If you are still wondering why you cook your food yourself then, you should read this.

When your friends eat your food they’ll become your food fan.  You can make happy your family with the help of this great hobby.  Don’t thing like, cocking is only a work to make food for your family and eat, like a daily routine. It’s a  great art and you can make this your hobby.

hobby ideas after 30 for women

3. Horse Riding

One of the best hobby in my list because, everybody loves horses and me to love them. People take it like a game, but you can make it your hobby. Why you should learn Horseback riding? Here are some reason mentioned.

Spend some time with the horse and enjoy the time. Ride the horse and choose the greenery or the riverside and enjoy the beauty of the nature and riding.

4. Swimming

After 30’s you have to need some daily work out to make your body relax or good health. Here we talk about your hobbies and swimming is one of the best hobby for woman’s. This hobby makes you healthy and beautiful.

So that this hobby one of the great hobbies because we have many benefits to this hobby. It’s best for improving  your flexibility and getting  your body in shape.

Underwater bath or swimming is very peaceful it’s like meditation. You never compare this with other hobbies or work out things because it’s incredible.

5. Singing

If you want, you can make singing as your hobby. If you have a great voice and you sing well then you can make it your profession, when the great thing is that  your hobby is will be your profession. Then you’ll do this with your all heart.

And you can’t sing well then you can take it only as a hobby. Sing your favorite songs in your free time and feel relax and it’s fun.

6. Photography

Take a camera and captured every moment of your family, wedding, your baby and all beautiful moments whichever you spend with your loved one. Make your own album, which fill with some great moments.

When after a long time you see that pictures it make you feel good.  Digital camera easy to use  and easily available in the market and not so expensive.

You can make your family album or captured your friends pics and can also make a friend’s album and show them. It’s a great hobby with fun.

7. Traveling

Everybody loves traveling. This is one of the great hobby because nothing is good more than traveling in this world. Many people avoid traveling because they think it’s tedious and restless, but they forgot one thing. Traveling is passion and incredible.

When you go for travel you see some wonderful places and earn some tremendous memories for whole life. It’s like an inspiration and getting experiences. Mostly people like to go in hilly areas. I also love hill stations.

They are fantastic and the real beauty of  nature, you can see only on hill station. That’s why everybody loves to go there for traveling. I thing this is a good hobby in my list. Go for travel and see every corner of this world.

8. Reading

This hobby will improve your knowledge. It’s a good hobby. You can use your free time for reading interesting books, magazines, novels whichever written by great authors.

If you don’t have many types of books for reading then you can join a book club there is many varieties of books. Enjoy your reading in a group and share your experiences. This is peaceful hobby and the best way to learn.

9. Watching the Movie

This is the best hobby, collect your all favorite DVDs and watch a movie with your family or friends. It’s my favorite time pass hobby.  Set your DVD  and watch your favorite movie. It’s like to relax.

After a restless week, on Sunday we want some rest or relax and some mind changing things, that time a movie can do these all work and you can take relax mode. Best way to change your mood and reducing stress hobby.

So when you feel much stress, then you can watch a movie and getting stressed less. It’s a great hobby for working women’s.

10. Painting

Best way move out your stress with the help of this hobby.  I love painting, but i am not good in art :(.  If you paint well then you can choose it like a hobby. You could draw and paint anything you like.

If you have this hobby then you can change the design of your bedroom or home.  After paint the beautiful color collection for your home or your bedroom change your mood and make you happy. It’s a best hobby for all his wife’s and who love’s interior decoration.

11. Running

It’s a best hobby for mind relief and also useful for the health. Go for running in the morning and see the beauty of the nature and get the fresh air.

This hobby makes you relax. You have to enjoy your running with your friends or listen music. This hobby makes you feel refreshed for all day.

12. Knitting

Knitting is a great hobby. If you have the skill of knitting then it’s a very good hobby for you. You can use your time and impress your friends or your husband with your impressive knitting.

We all see our grannies knitting cloths, They all perfect in knitting. You can also can do like them. There is knitting cloths are in fashion and in demand. It’s good for your knit hobby.

You can make your baby clothes and also can make something for your husband and surprised him. Keep this hobby and make some surprises for your family.

13. Learn To Play Instruments

One of the interesting hobby, learn to play instruments. You have much enjoyed with this hobby. If you can’t sing well then don’t worry about it, you can learn to play an instrument.  Piano and guitar have been always in trend. You can try to learn these easy instruments.

This is fun to play an instrument. But it’s not easy to play an instrument. It’ll take time and more hard practice to learn. After learning your practice will show a better result. It’s a best hobby for woman’s.

14. Yoga

Yoga is the best hobby for all women. It makes you healthy and fit. After 30’s women have to need a healthy and fit body. Yoga helps you to get a healthy and flexible figure.

Every morning you have to try the practice of yoga. After yoga you feel an amazing relax in your body and peace in your mind. Yoga is like a meditation, it’ll move out your stress.

This is the hobby you can do in your home in peace. Best yoga time is in the morning, before breakfast you can do yoga.

15. Dancing

One of the best hobby in the list of this article. Dancing is a passion for some people you can make it as your hobby. If you are good in dance, then nothing is better than this hobby.

If you can’t dance but you you won’t  do it, then you can join the dance class and learn the dance. Dance make your health fit and refresh your mind.

If you are perfect in dance, then you can open your own dance classes, your hubby will be your profession. You can also make the money also with your hobby.

16. Candle making

Beautiful hobby candle making and this hobby are super easy. You could use your time with your cute hubby. Choose the shape and size, color of the candle.

Use these candles in your home for decoration. These cute and beautiful candles improve the beauty of your bedroom or home. This is a cute thing making candles.

If you can’t make candles, but you want to make then you can join the classes to learn the art of candle making.

17. Collect things

This is my favorite hobby, collect the things. You could also have this hobby and collect the different things. You can collect the paintings and the family photos . You have to collect also wall clocks, photo frames, candles.

In other things you can collect scarfs and sandals, wrist watches and whatever you like. You can collect whichever you want for you or your home.

This is a fun hobby. You can share this hobby with your friends and take them help for collecting the things.