9 Amusing April Fool’s Pranks for Your Boyfriend

April Fool’s Day can be the occasion of getting a good laugh with your boyfriend. You can play a few pranks and break into fits of laughter together. It would be great if you plan well for the day to be a roaring success with your beau. Here are a few simple ideas:

April Fool’s Jokes to Play on Your Boyfriend

April Fools Pranks for Boyfriend

1. Complain About Your Figure

Invite his friends over for dinner. Once they arrive and you are done with the dishes, you can start cribbing about him. You can say that he thinks you are fat and can’t get into well-fitted clothes. However, he would know it’s a prank if you are in good shape.

2. An Impending Visit

Tell him that your parents are coming for a visit on April 1. He might start making arrangements. When the date finally arrives, just wish him a happy April Fool’s Day and watch his expression.

3. Hilarious Prank to Play Over the Phone

Change your name on your boyfriend’s phone to that of his best friend and keep ringing him now and then – prefrably when you know he will be attending meetings. He would get annoyed with the frequent ringing and cancel the calls. Let the last ring be long enough for him to pick up the call and give him a piece of your mind. This prank would work especially well if you have a long distance boyfriend – though in that case you will have to ask someone else to change the saved contact name.

4. A Fake Dent on His Car

Take his car out for a quick trip to the grocer’s, park it under his apartment and leave a note inside saying sorry about the dent. He is going to have a tough time inspecting his car, especially if it was in good condition before.

5. Make a Horrible Meal for Him

Here is a cute idea – serve him his favorite dish with excess salt in it. He is sure to get annoyed with the taste. Wish him April Fool’s Day before you serve him his favorite dish again (with the right amount of salt this time).

6. Funny Beach Prank Idea

April Fools Beach Joke for Boyfriend

Go for a beach holiday and lie on towels side by side. After a while, ask him to go get a drink for you. When he leaves, you can dig a hole in the sand under his towel, and put the towel back in its place. You both would laugh when he returns and tries to lie back.

7. Easy Pregnancy Test April Fool’s Prank

If one of your friends is pregnant, you can pull this trick on your boyfriend. Buy a pregnancy test kit and let it test positive. Watch his expression when you announce your pregnancy to him. It would freak him out if he is not ready for a baby.

8. Frighten Him in Bed

You can take a scary Halloween mask and put it under your pillow the night before. Set your alarm to wake up early, put the mask on and turn towards him. It will be awesome when your boyfriend wakes up and jumps right out of bed after taking a look at you. You can also play this prank with a plastic spider or snake.

9. Prank Him Over Text Messaging

Texting can be one of the best mediums for playing realistic April fool jokes; check some good ways to prank your boyfriend over text.

You would find that most of the pranks are quite easy and can be pulled off perfectly. The fun element in any relationship is something that keeps it alive and kicking.