Aquarius Man And Scorpio Woman: How Romantically Compatible is the Match

Like any other pair, an Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman might face a lot of challenges in their relationship. But, the good thing is they can’t get enough of each other even after a series of spat and brawls, and that suggests how both of them can make everything work, despite their personal differences.

What Attracts a Scorpio Man to an Aquarius Woman and Keeps Them Together

1. His Intelligence and Your Enthusiasm

An Aquarius man, much like you as a Scorpio woman, is steadfast in his quest of education, profession, and success. You both share a certain level of wisdom and know the importance of your careers. So, connecting on this level is significant as you understand the passion and interest of each other, at least in this regard.

2. His Special Treatment to Your Attention-Seeking Nature

He, being a true gentleman, treats you extremely well in a classy way whenever you are together, like on a date or an outing. You, being a social butterfly, love to be at the center of the universe. So he gives you all the attention you need to feel special.

3. A Common Zeal for Adventure

An adventurous streak runs in you two, so be it sky diving, mountaineering, or hiking, you both have the fervor to all kinds of adventurous activities. As a result, whenever one of you makes travel plans, he/she will know what the other one will love, and you can explore the earth together.

4. Intimacy as the Key

Both mental and physical intimacy is a strong and remarkable reason that you find each other irresistible. You connect so well that spending time with each other is the best thing to do.

Possible Problems and Negative Experiences and How to Conquer Them

1. Power Struggle

The same force that keeps both of you focussed towards your goal, is also the reason behind your stubbornness. When there is an argument, you can both be quite headstrong, which may bring negativity without any solution.

To maintain the relationship, resolve any issue with a practical outlook. If it means you need to bow down, do that; and if his opinion is wrong, convince him and try to make him see your point of view. Ego is certainly not going to take you anywhere.

2. Not Holding on to Serious Issues When it is Absolutely Necessary

There may be times when you are facing a problem and you want his help. But chances are, he will try to dodge the situation and leave you on your own. This is a serious problem when you are in a committed relationship.

It is your light that will help him see through clearly, so, as mentioned previously, help him understand why you need his help and how much it means to you.

3. His Consistency Often Leads to Predictability

His methodical life and 24*7 routines might make him seem boring, but since he gives you full liberty, you are free to follow your own way of sorting things out. He might be strict with his actions and rigid at times, but if you come up with some ideas he won’t be the one to stop you, though you need to be very clear about what you want.

4. Your Fancy For a Double Life Creates Misunderstanding

Scorpios are known for their habit of keeping secrets, which often ends up with them living a second life, all hidden from their counterpart. So, doing anything without letting him know, whether it’s keeping in touch with a friend he doesn’t like, or cheating on him, is not good. Sooner or later the intelligent Aquarius will find it out. Just be open,

If you wish to have a secret place, like a hideout where you want to spend some alone time or do anything else on your own, you can always do that, so long as it doesn’t harm your relationship.

5. Don’t Try To Make Him Follow Your Rules

 You might feel that he is living life to the fullest, and you are not, or it could also be that you do not like his way of life. Whatever be the reason, you should not feel jealous of him, neither should you try to restrict him ever.

6. His Lack of Commitment Might Disturb You

By lack of commitment, it means that he doesn’t showcase, or scream that he is committed, while as a Scorpio you need that. You need to accept that he is not going to scream and make it official that you are together, but that doesn’t mean he loves you any less. Just any kind of publicity should not be expected from him.

To make the relationship successful, the most important thing to know is to have fun in life, even in the hardest moment. Two intelligent people, knowing each other’s preferences can talk about many stuff and have a good time. You can talk about books and enrich yourselves. Also, debating is a constructive way to get to know each other. Most importantly, mutual love and respect without any expectation make a happy life.