Aries Man Gemini Woman: Compatibility in Love and Relationship

To the casual observer, at first, it might seem that an Aries man and Gemini woman being opposite in their characters would have compatibility issues. The reality is far from it as it is usually love at first sight for them. Ruled by the planet Mars, the Aries man is an alpha male who loves to show off his masculinity. The Gemini woman ruled by Mercury is a vivacious, talkative and fun-loving character who beautifully complements her Arian partner.

How Can a Gemini Woman Attract an Aries Man

  • The Aries male is faithful and trustworthy in a romantic relationship. Himself being very witty and intellectual, he develops an instant liking for the Gemini female who is smart and matches him in intelligence.
  • Being easy-going and carefree, you take the dominating nature of your partner that may be quite annoying at times, very lightly. Women of most other sun signs would be greatly bothered by this attitude as they feel it curbs their independence.  His tendency to lose his temper does not leave you upset or intimidated. This is a strong point of your relationship.
  • Not being very talkative himself, he would be fascinated by your conversational skills. So it would be a good idea to showcase it to the fullest.
  • The Aries man likes to argue and debate to show off his superiority. But he doesn’t want a submissive woman who shies away from expressing her own views. He desires a woman who can stand up to him and keep him on his toes. As a Gemini woman, you love to argue, not for asserting your dominance but for your need for conversation and connecting with people. This is one of the reasons why the two of you would get along well. Just allow him to have the upper hand.
  • You enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. This makes you mix freely with people and kick off long conversations. It is not because you are flirtatious but since you love to know people and are genuinely curious. However, you are open to romantic encounters if someone offers you love. The Aries man being smart, charming and wanting to be a knight in shining armor you would give him ample opportunity to win you over.
  • Being a Gemini woman, you are always bubbling with ideas to make any project successful. Your man likes to lead from the front and you would have no issues with that. Assist him with your valuable inputs to make him successful in his endeavors. He would appreciate your genuine interest in such matters.
  • Even if you are in a chaotic situation, you find a way to be independent in your views and actions. However, your indecisive and confused nature may require asking for help sometimes. The Arian with his straight-forward approach would be the perfect person to free you of your fears and insecurities giving you focus and direction.
  • Another important factor contributing to your bonding is your ability to analyze and gauge situations well, weighing out the pros and cons that keeps the character trait of your partner who likes to jump to conclusions in check.  Both of you can understand your strengths and weaknesses without holding back any bitterness or discontent towards each other.
  • Being an air sign, you hate being tied down and are never too possessive about your man. This gives him his desired space in a relationship. You have a relaxed attitude towards life that reassures your fire sign man who can be quite chauvinistic at times and has a penchant for heated conversations.

Relationship Problems and How to Handle Them

  • If he turns aggressive, you should not give it back to him as is your tendency. You can use your communication skills to control him. Then, you might even find him to be the first to reconcile.
  • Your inability to let go of the past could give the otherwise peaceful relationship some turbulence. Try not to bring back memories of ex-lovers and comparing them with him. Remember that he has pronounced selfishness in his character that might make things unpleasant for you.
  • By nature, you both tend to lose interest soon when there is nothing that great to interest you. That could lead to a breakup and you are people who don’t like to return once everything is over. So, use your imaginative powers to add zing to his life and he will be more than willing to boost your willpower whenever you feel down. It lengthens your journey together.

Both being strong zodiac signs that are naturally compatible with each other, your relationship has a lot of potential if the bickering about the past is kept at bay. Strengthen the bond by sharing your common passions for challenge and adventure. Most importantly, keep the spirit of friendship alive as a couple since it is the driving force of your relation.