Aries Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility in Love and Dating

Aries and Sagittarius, both being fire signs, have a lot common with each other. Both have a passionate nature and are basically honest and straightforward. Since the two zodiac signs are highly compatible with each other, a romantic relationship involving them would be exciting and fast-moving as they love adventure, action and impulsive activities.

How to Get an Aries Man Attracted to a Sagittarius Woman

  • An Aries man wants a lover who is willing to take risks with him. A Sagittarius woman perfectly fits the bill.
  • Men belonging to this sign being bold, daring and go-getters, would be a great partner to Sagittarius women in their quest to gather knowledge, explore the world and find the universal truth.
  • A Sagittarius woman’s difficulty in committing to a single relationship at a time might not go down well with an Aries man as they seek honesty and trust in their relationships. So it is best to keep your non-committal nature under wraps.
  • An Aries man will give you space and you should do the same as his freedom is important to him. You can also use that to your advantage as you, by nature, easily get bored and love being flirtatious. But take care to not go too overboard with it as he has an innate selfishness in his character which might take a toll on your relationship if he actually sees you flirting.
  • The Aries man likes to be the knight in shining armor sweeping you off your feet. So, though you may have a tomboyish personality, behave in a meek and demure feminine way to keep him interested.
  • Still, do showcase your intellect as that is one quality in you that turns him on.
  •  Since he will have a feeling of accomplishment after he has “won” you over, it is better not to show your “take it or leave it” frivolous attitude.

Problems a Sagittarius Woman May Face With an Aries Man and How to Handle Them

Beware of occasional temper tantrums between the two of you. An Aries man will speak his mind without attempting to be polite and socially acceptable. A Sagittarius woman, being truthful, would also make no qualms about her disagreement and hence you could have the voices rising. It could turn towards a healthy debate where both would get to know each other’s views or feelings. However, since there are chances of things getting ugly and showing signs of an impending breakup, it is best to take things lightly (something that you can do easily), listen him out and finish it with a lighthearted joke.

Compatibility of a Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man in Long-Term Relationships

Marriage between the two of you would be blissful, mostly free of emotional turmoil and rough patches. Just as you prefer, your partner would never settle for a traditional domestic life and would always be on the move. This means you will always have an unconventional family life that would not fail to surprise you every day.

Friendship between you and an Aries man would be an enjoyable affair. You would make an exuberant pair who spread happiness to everyone around you.

In business partnerships, it would be difficult if you don’t involve at least one other person with an intermediate sun sign. The Aries man is hugely optimistic, sets goals and does all the planning. The Sagittarius, on the other hand, looks out for learning new things while doing her job and likes to point out mistakes. None of them have interest in the daily mundane work. So someone needs to be there to carry things out. All in all, your relationship has a lot of potential when an Aries man is involved. Respect each other’s opinions; take care to mend your differences at the earliest and yours could be a warm and fruitful relationship that would leave you with many beautiful moments to cherish.