17 Best Ab Workouts for Women to do at home

To get a perfect shape and size is a dream of every woman, and to achieve this perfect figure all of you tried many exercises, workouts and had a strict diet schedule but it is not easy to have toned stomach.

Not only is to have great figure, but also physical fitness necessary. Your physical appearance automatically increases your confidence.

Most commonly found problem among women is to reduce belly fat which we already in one previous post.

So, stop searching on how to lose lower belly fat.

Here is the solution of your problems, from now you don’t have to go strict diets or do hard exercises to be in shape. You can get the toned stomach and perfect six-pack abs with these best ab workouts for women.

women toned flat stomach abs

All you need to go through the exercises give below once and pick up your favorite ones and also which you can do easily.

Best Ab Workouts for Women

Most of these exercises given below target multiple abdominal muscles, so you can maximize your belly burn with every rep.

Static Press of 90 Degrees

If this is your initial stage, i.e. if you never tried any of the exercises earlier, then this one is best to start with, you can also do this exercise in some extra time as a standalone.

 90 degrees static hold

For this all you need to do is..

  • Lying face up and straight on your yoga mat and now slowly bent your hips at 90 degrees.
  • After this extend your hands, but keep them straight and press both of your palms exactly at the top of your thighs.
  • Take a breath; hold on this position for the count of one and then release.
  • Do at least 3 sets of this per day.

Mountain Climber

This exercise will work not only to reduce your lower belly fat, but also works on hands, legs and thighs.

mountain climbers workout

  • Start mountain climber in a push- up position, your body should be straight.
  • Stretched arms and your hands must be below your shoulder.
  • After this bend your right leg and bring it towards your chest, hold on this position about 10- 15 seconds and then straighten it, return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same with alternate leg.

Do the same with alternate legs for about 3- 4 minutes; but keep in mind that your hips and butt must be low.

Sit ups with Medicine Ball

You will need a medicine ball for this exercise. Now the question is how to do is..

sit ups with medicine ball workout

  • Lie straight on your yoga mat and your knees should be slightly bent.
  • Make sure your back must be straight, then hold a medicine ball up to the level of your chest
  • Curl body in the seated position and extend your arms with medicine balls as much as you can.
  • Finally, come back to your initial position.
  • Repeat 2- 3 sets of this every day.

Leg Lift

Leg lift lets you help to get toned stomach and lower abs

leg lifts with twist

  • Lie straight on the floor and sit up on your elbows.
  • Place your hands under your hips in order to support your back, and then slowly raise your legs up to a certain level
  • Bend your right knee; stay back in this position for a count of one.
  • Then bring your legs back on the floor, but the right must be in the same position.

Take rest of 2- 3 seconds and repeat this again. Slowly do as many as you can in 2 minutes.

Lunge Twist

Its target is lower muscles, oblique, butts and quads. Start lunge twist with standing straight, but feet must be hip width apart.


  • Bend your knees and elbows by 90 degrees.
  • Now lunge forward with your right leg and rotate upper boy on the left and arms in the right.
  • Hold on to this position for 5 seconds and then come back.

Repeat this, at least for 2 minutes and then repeat the same for another 2 minutes with alternate leg bend forward.

Torso Twist

  • Stand with legs almost a foot apart and then raise your arms out to your sides.
  • Then bend your arms up to the elbows so that your fist must be next to your ears.
  • After that, raise your right leg to left elbow and then bring back to initial position.

Repeat this 20 times, then switch the sides and repeat the same.

Plank Punches

Best suited to burn belly fat and tone up your thighs also. To begin with being in plank position, your thighs, arm and wrist must be straight in one line with each other.


  • Raise your left arm forward and punch.
  • While punching extend your arms as much as you can.
  • Come back to the starting position.

Repeat the same with alternate arm. Complete at least 4- 5 sets of this every day with alternate sides.

Squat Jump

If you want to burn your abdominal fat as well as want to tone up your thighs, arms and butts try squat jump. Very easy and consumes a little of your energy.

Squat Jumps  abs workout

  • Stand up with feet shoulder width apart, knees must be slightly bent and hands must be by your sides.
  • Then squat, but make sure that knees must be behind your toes.
  • Jump high with hands lifting upwards.
  • Land in the squat, but your hands still be overhead.

Do at least 12 reps of squat jump.


sprinters workout for abs

  • Start by sitting on the ground with your legs out in front of you and lean back on a 45-degree angle.
  • Bring one knee up and keep one leg straight up off the ground.
  • Bend both arms until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Alternate kicking one leg out straight and while bringing the other knee up.
  • At the same time rotate your arms at the shoulders in a running motion.

Hip Lifts for abs & butt

Abdominal exercise which is preferable for beginners because it does require much of experience and physical strength.

butt lifts exercise

  • You need to do is to lie on the yoga mat with your legs raise upwards and your arms at your sides leaning on the ground.
  • Point your toes and raise your hips 2 inches above the floor; then lower them.

Repeat this hip lift 8 times slowly. Once you are comfortable with this then do this 16 times faster.

Squat Jumps

Another exercise to tear up your legs, oblique, butts. Apart your feet slightly more than shoulder width and stand.

squat clap jumps

  • Hands collide together upwards squat.
  • keeping your hands collapse and..
  • then land in the squat means in the starting position.

Repeat Squat Jumps 20- 25 times per day.

Roll Up

To get quick results do these roll ups daily 30- 35 times and you can see instant results.

Roll up exercise for abs

  • Start these roll ups with lying straight on the yoga mat, stretch your legs as much as you can; point your legs.
  • Inhale a long, deep breath and overhead your arms and begin to curl your upper body on the floor.
  • Try to touch your toe with the hands.

Stay back there on the counter one come back at the initial position.

Reverse Crunches Lift

This crunch is quite difficult for the rest of the others, so beginners are requested not to try it. Until your body is habitual with regular workouts.

Reverse crunches lift

  • Lie flat on your back with your hands out to your side.
  • Raise your legs straight until they are perpendicular to the ground.
  • Next, use your abs to raise your hips up off the ground while reaching for the ceiling with your feet.
  • Control your hips as you lower them back down to the ground.

Dicus Throw – Intermidiate

This is also quite easier than the rest of the exercises. You can also try this in your extra time and can include this in your warm up exercises too.

Discus throw

  • Stand with your feet should width, and your arms extended outside, lunge in right with right leg at the same time rotating torso to the right.
  • Meanwhile, quickly shift weight to your left side and bend your left knee.

Do 20 reps by switching sides.

Step Hop Exercise

Step hop exercise

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands on your hips and knees slightly bend forward.
  • Step your right knee forward and lift left knee to the knee level.
  • Now hop up straight on your right knee. Land with both feet together.

Even with image and description of this exercise, you don’t understand how to do this easy ab workout. Checkout this video..

Repeat 20 reps by alternating legs per day.

Single Leg Bridges

Another exercise in the queue which is not only to reduce your abdominal fat, but also tear up your thighs as well as legs.

Single Leg Bridges Exercise

  • Start this with lie flat on your back with your hands out to your side.
  • Raise your legs straight until they are perpendicular to the ground.
  • Next, raise your left leg straightly above the ground while bending your right knee.

Alternate the leg position and repeat it for 40 times.

Superman Lifts

To get rid of your belly fat, must try this one; almost negligible efforts.

superman lifts workout for abs

  • Lie straight on your yoga mat; and arms must be extended overhead and stretch your legs as much as you can.
  • Slightly raise your shoulder above the ground approximately 4 inches above.
  • Make sure that your hands and legs are straight.

Hold for 20 seconds and then roll in opposite side.