30 Cute Good Morning Texts For Your Loved Ones and Boyfriend

Sometimes it’s important to express your love to him, and the perfect way to express your love with a good morning text.

People never pay attention to good morning texts. But it’ll really wonderful for him, when he woke up and get your sweet and full of love.. A cute good morning text or a goodnight text which we already covered in a previous post. It’s just a sweet little thing, but it really works to improve your love relationship.

Think about it every morning when he opens his eyes and saw your lovely good morning text and then he thinks about you with a sweet smile.

cute Good morning texts for boyfriend

It is one of the sweetest and romantic thing you only can do for your boyfriend.  Come-on girls don’t loose any chance to put a smile on his face.

If you don’t have a boyfriend but you do have a crush and you are not sure if he is interested in you or not! You can read our another post regarding signs to check, does he love me!
In this article  we are having some beautiful good morning texts for you.

  1. Good Morning.. To the person who makes my life brighter and full of joy.
  2. When you’ll wake up. I hope you’ll think of me. Good morning.
  3. I  love the sun because every day it comes up in the morning and gives me one more day to spend with you. Good morning.
  4. I hope your morning is as radiant as your smile. Good morning.
  5. My pillow hated you very much because it knows that any time, I replaced it with your  shoulder. Good morning.
  6. All the girls dream about a boyfriend who handsome and caring as you. I dream about it too.. But I am living in my dream every day. Good morning! J
  7. Good morning baby. Wake up and get a sweet kiss from me! :*
  8. Why does the morning start so soon?  I want more time to dream about you.  Good morning my love.
  9. Every day of my life becomes perfect because it starts by wishing you good morning.
  10. The adorable part of this morning is that I am thinking about you. Good morning.
  11. Good Morning baby. I am blessed to have you in my life.
  12.  You are the sunshine of my life, baby you make my life priceless. Good morning.
  13. You are the perfect dream of my life, but the worst thing is that I am so far away from my true dream. Good morning baby.
  14. Good morning handsome. Wake up! A beautiful day waiting for you.
  15. Good morning sleepy head! Its time to wake up, take your bed tea and just think about me. Love you.
  16. When, I am open my eyes in the morning, that second I am thinking only about you my love. Good morning.
  17. A morning text message doesn’t mean just hello for me. This is a silent sign of my love that never end for you. Good morning.
  18. When I wish you good morning. it’s feel like complete my morning sunshine.
  19. It doesn’t matter whether today is Sunday or Monday. as long as we are together,  it will always be a perfect day. Good morning.
  20. I didn’t want to wake up this morning because ,  I saw you all night in my dreams. Good morning.
  21.  A teaspoon of my love will be made perfect your morning coffee.  Good morning.
  22. I am a most luckiest girl  who wishing good morning to the most loving and caring guy in this world. Good morning.
  23. A sweet smile on your face are the only sunshine, I need every day. Good morning.
  24. Good morning to the man who make my dreams came true, and brings happiness to my life.
  25. You replace my worries with happiness and my fears with love. Good morning.
  26. It is more romantic the dream I had about you last night. Good morning.
  27. Good morning, my love.
  28. I wish I could say this to you, face to face. I wish I could look deep into your eyes and gaze. I wish us together right now to embrace our love. Good morning.
  29. I hate the fact I have to send a good morning text to you. I wish I could be with you day and night.. So, I can love you silly in every possible way.  But you are so far, over there. This distance I can no longer bear. Yet again as a new day starts, I say I love you with all my heart.