Does He Love me? – 10 Signs to Check

Don’t know how to figure out whether he loves you or not?  But, first you should check him is he deserve to be your soulmate..

If he behave gently with every person around him, nice things say to peoples and generous and helpful to others? If yes! then read further,

Do you feel he has been showing interest in you but are confused if it is love or mere attraction or admiration?..

Well, read on to find out whether he actually loves you or not… You may like to check questions to ask a guy whom you love secretly.

Some signs to check if he loves you and is looking forward to a long term relationship.

Does He Love me ?

1. Maintains Eye Contact while talking

One who is truly interested in you likes to observe every little move of yours. You would often find him looking at you.

A guy who loves you would also maintain an eye contact when he talks to you while the one who is not really interested will avert his eyes soon.

2. Always Curious to know you better

If a guy is curious to know about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, your past experiences, your dreams and aspirations then it means he is genuinely interested in you.

Someone who is merely flirting would never try to dive in this deep.

“Love is three quarters  Curiosity – Giacomo Casanova”

I love curiosity coz i love you

3. Calls up frequently

Somebody who loves you would call you up and text you frequently rather than just answering back your phone calls and texts.

This is one of the biggest signs that he is hooked on to you as it shows that he loves talking to you and staying connected with you all the time.

4. Loves spending Time with you

No matter how hectic his schedule is but a guy who really loves you would take out time to catch up with you.

He may not be able to ask you out directly initially and may look for different ways to meet you and spend time with you.

5. Sometimes Feel jealous

Yet another sign that he loves you is if he gets uncomfortable or jealous seeing you with someone else.
Guys do not express it explicitly but you can make out from their body language and expressions. Always remember..

Love born with Jealousy.

6. Introduces you to his family

It is the introduction with the family that matters much more than meeting up his friends.

If a guy is keen on introducing you to his parents, siblings and other family members this means he is looking forward to a long term relationship.

Girl meeting Guys Parents first time

7. Every time Makes you Feel special

Someone who really loves you would take care of your likes and dislikes and would try to make every possible effort to make you feel special.

8. Wants you to meet his friends

He wouldn’t hesitate in introducing you in his friend circle. He would love to take you along for dinners, parties and other get-together’s with his friends.

If he takes you along and makes efforts to make you comfortable and doesn’t leave you stranded among strangers at the sight of his old friends or colleagues then he is definitely into you.

9. Discusses your Future Plans

If a guy asks you about your aspirations, about the kind of life you would like to lead in future and shares his future plans with you.

Chances are that he is looking for a long term relationship with you.

Goal and love without plan

10. Can’t stay Annoyed with you

Even the most blissful and happy couples have their share of arguments and fights however they cannot stay without each other for long and make up soon after.

So if your guy cannot stay annoyed with you for long and asks sorry even if he is not at fault this again indicates that he loves you and is not playing around with your emotions.