10 Fun Games to Play on the Phone with Your Boyfriend

Telephonic conversations with your boyfriend can get drab and boring after some time, especially in a long distance relationship where all you can ever do is talk. But, you can easily make it interesting by arranging a few games for your partner. It gives the much-needed zing to keep your relationship alive and kicking. They are simple and do not require elaborate supplies and setup. You are free to innovate on the ideas presented below by adding your personal touch.

Games to Play on the Phone With Your Boyfriend

1. How Well Do You Know Me Game to Play over Phone

In this game, you ask your bae ten questions about your likes and dislikes. It could be about your favorite pastime, hobby, dream holiday destination, comfort food, and so on. He scores a point for every correct answer. Then he asks ten questions about himself to you. At the end of the game, compare your scores. The loser can gift the winner a sweet prize when you both meet.

2. Are You Game For A Debate? – A Couple’s Game

Choose a socially relevant topic and take turns in expressing your views for the motion and against the motion. You can have a con call with a third person who decides the winner. It broadens the horizon of your knowledge on hot social topics and you get to appreciate each other’s views. In many cases, a healthy debate on a burning topic rings in friction that at times works towards blossoming of your love for each other.

3. Guess the Character or the Movie

You can choose a character from a movie/book (or any eminent personality like a pop star or an actor) and give him one hint. He then asks you 10 or 15 questions to allow him to guess the character. Once he makes the correct guess, don’t be mean about hugs and kisses (over the phone, though). It helps if you know the books he has read. If it’s a character from a movie, you can choose one that you have watched together.

4. Play to My Tune Sweetheart – A Fun Game You Can Play Over Phone

Hum the tune of your favorite song and let him guess the song. It goes on to show how much he knows about you and your preferences. You can do it for a set of songs from an album by your favorite artist.

5. Cute Storytelling Game

This game allows you to weave your own unique story. Tell one sentence over the phone that is the starting line of a story. He chips in with the next sentence. Then it’s your turn. Continue for 20 times to make a sensible tale. You can decide on the theme of the story to make it pleasing to the ears. It could belong to the sci-fi, adventure, or mystery genre, to name a few.

6. Would You Rather?

Ask him would you rather questions to satiate your gaming instincts. You can quiz him on things like would he rather be stuck on an island with no connectivity or go on a hiking trail with you, to keep his imagination prowess in top form. You could also be a bit naughty with questions like, would you rather have a hug or a kiss?

7. Cool Memory Game

Tell one word starting with the letter ‘A’. Then he has to repeat the same word, and follow it with a new word beginning with ‘B’. Now you repeat both the words and follow them with another one beginning with ‘C’. It goes on for all the 26 letters of the English alphabet. The person who fails to remember every word in the right order is out. It is an excellent way to exercise your brain while having some fun time together.

8. Two Truths and One Lie

You can say two truths and one lie about yourself. Let him guess which one is the lie. Then repeat the game by making him tell two truths and a lie about himself. Continue for five rounds, and keep track of points so you can have a winner in the end. You can make things spicy by choosing dubious statements about yourself, which could be a truth as well as a lie.

9. True or False Drinking Game

In this drinking game, your boyfriend says something about you and you answer if the statement is true or false. It could be something like, “You like chocolates”. If it is true, then he goes on to the next question and if it’s false, he needs to take a sip from his drink. This continues until he is done with ten statements. Then comes your turn to say the same number of statements about him. The person who gets maximum true and consequently, drinks less, is the winner.

10. Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

This is a cool drinking game. You will have to make a statement about something you have never done, like – “Never have I ever gone scuba diving”. If he has done it, he takes a sip of his drink. Continue with your ‘never have I ever’ statements till he finishes his drink. Then it is his turn to come up with the statements and your turn to drink. The one who finishes his or her drink in the least number of turns is the winner. For these two games, you might have to video call for checking on his drink.

Playing texting games can also be an awesome idea, especially through the day, when you can’t talk on the phone.

These games are good for breaking the monotony of normal telephonic conversations, rendering a quirky edge to communication. They work especially well for long distance relationships. The element of winning and losing rings in the competitive spirit that peppers things up. Do play by the rules, trying not to give in to the popular saying, all is fair in love and war.