6 Trendy Half-up-half-down Bun Hairstyles with Instructions

Pulling up your hair in a half bun, away from your face, draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones while the hair left down nicely frames your face. It gives you a fresh look that is not quite ordinary yet looks so cool and casual. The fact that they can be done pretty fast add to their utility.

For all the hairstyles below, if you have fine and limp hair, it is best to prep it with dry shampoo for giving it texture. If you have unruly, frizzy hair, you can use a texturing product instead that will smoothen and define your curls. The styles are best-suited for oval faces but can be equally good for other face types, when done properly. Keep in mind that a half-up bun should be placed more towards the crown of your head instead of the top, so it doesn’t look like a hat.

Half up Half down Bun Hairstyle

1. How to Do a Basic Half up Half down Bun

This classy meets chic hairstyle can be perfect for a casual day out, or a get-together at home with family and friends.

How to Do Half up Half down Bun


  1. Grab a section of your hair from the top of the head.
  2. Using a band of the same color as your hair, start like you are going to make a ponytail; but after pulling out the hair only halfway through, make a bun by wrapping it around itself.
  3. Use bobby pins or hairpins to put it in place.
  4. Loosen it up for a casual look.
Half up Half Down Bun

It looks good on long, medium length as well as short hair, be it straight or curly. This casual updo pairs well with bangs.

How to Do a Half up Bun

2. Wrap Style Top Knot Half Bun

How to Do a Half Bun


  1. Use a thick elastic band to tie your hair in a ponytail.
  2. Twist the entire length of the ponytail.
  3. Wrap it around itself on the crown of your head (you can hold the center of the bun while making the turns for a good anchor).
  4. Pin it in place.
Half Bun

This one can be a bit tricky for girls having long hair who might end up making saggy half buns. A way out is to include lesser amount of hair in the ponytail and keep the wraps tight against each other.

For a fancier do, you can make a French or Dutch braid at the front top of your head, and include it in the half bun.

3. Half up Half down Space Buns or Double Bun

Half up Half Down Space Buns


  1. Middle-part your hair.
  2. Grab the top parts from each section and make them into buns (you can use the elastic band method described in the previous hairstyle).
  3. Lightly pull the buns to make them little loose and secure them with bobby pins.

4. Curly Half up Messy Bun

When done on curly hair, any messy half bun looks fashionable with nice curves, and not many tiny hairs sticking out. So, those with straight hair may use a curler for before making the bun to get that voluminous look.

Half up Messy Bun


  1. Grab the hair at the top of your head and just make a regular messy bun towards the crown.
  2. Secure it with bobby pins.
  3. Tug at the top of the bun to give it volume.

5. Half Ponytail Bun for Short Hair

Half Ponytail Bun for Short Hair


  1. Take the top section of your hair and start tying a ponytail with an elastic band.
  2. In the final step, don’t pull out your hair completely. It is like making a semi-ponytail.
  3. Fluff the hair a little to give it a bun-like shape.

These mini half-up buns are perfect for a casual day out, or a movie date with friends at home. If you want to make it with long hair, wrap the long tail-end of the semi-ponytail around its base and tuck it in for a neat look.

6. Half up Half down Rose Bun

This style, though a bit more complex than the others, looks stunning at formal events and holiday parties. It suits long, straight hair, and doesn’t really work for curly hair. The rose half-up bun can be a DIY hairstyle for bridesmaids, and can even be fancy enough for the bride, when accessorized well.

Half up Half Down Rose Bun


  1. Take a considerable amount of hair from above each ear and bring both parts to the back.
  2. Then secure them together with a small hair elastic just like a ponytail.
  3. Make a small opening in the hair above the elastic and pass the ponytail through it, making it inverted.
  4. Braid it loosely all the way down and tie the end with another elastic band.
  5. Tug the different sections of the braid to make it as big and flat as possible.
  6. Now roll the braid carefully back towards the base, and it will create a nice rose shape.
  7. Once you go up all the way, pin it in place with hairpins.

Applying some hairspray for this style may be a good idea to keep it in place.

Tips for Half-Bun Hairstyles

  • If you have thick hair, leave some hair out in the front and the sides while making the buns or they may become too bulky.
  • For thin hair, take in all the hair at the upper part of your head, even those at the sides of the ears, to give the bun some volume.
  • For those with a round face, place the bun high on your head to make your face appear longer. Grabbing the hair from the level of your temples can help you get the look.
  • A half-up bun can be a better option than a complete updo if you have a heart-shaped face as it allows you to arrange the hair around your face to soften the jawline.

Try any of the above styles at the next party or get-together and people are sure to take notice. You would enjoy the compactness of a bun and the feel of long flowy hair all punched together. Overall, half buns keep you ahead in your fashion game and how!