How to get Rid of Gas bloating and Pain – 8 Remedies

Well there is nothing to be worry about this problem but up to certain limit. Gas issues can sometimes become unavoidable and embarrassing too in public places. Bloating, burping and passing gas are the natural to everybody and this is caused by the swallowed by air or breakdown of food during digestion.

The reason behind this problem is the food fashion we are following, spicy, junk, oily food, etc. may lead to gastric problems. Gas problems may be very annoying sometimes.

General gas problems arise due to the numerous reasons; some of them are

  • Intake of alcohol
  • Consuming very spicy food
  • Too much stress
  • Intestinal malfunction
  • Digestive disorder

So, you have to cure it as soon as possible and live a peaceful life. In order to treat your gastric problems, you much read this article and learn some simple homemade remedies.

Get rid of Gas pain quickly


There are several ways to take ginger root to calm your upset tummy. As it possess many chemical components like gingerols and shgaols.

For many you mainly need one root of ginger, a zester r grater to grate ginger root, one cup of boiling water, and lemon as well as honey as per your choice.

First of all grate the root of ginger and then mix it with the boiling water and add lemon juice plus honey to heat. Wait for a minute to melt honey and drink it.

Repeat this procedure regularly until gas problem cannot be cured.


As many vegetables may build up gas problems so to treat this or we can say to balance your diet you might take some fruits as it contains many minerals and citric acid.

This will surely help you to get rid of gas and its pain.

So, start taking fruits from today mainly oranges or other citrus fruits, and consumes papaya as it will help you to reduce gas bloating.


By reading potato juice you all are wondering how someone can drink potato juice. But seriously this is most efficient way to reduce the gastric problems.

For this you take out potato juice and drink ½ or 1 cup of it before taking your meal. Repeat this at least 3 times a day to get the best results.


Another efficient way to reduce your gas issues is to take guava leaves and boil in the water.

Strain the leaves and drink this water only after when it is boiled completely. This is one of the simplest remedy.


Chamomile tea very beneficial as it contains anti- inflammatory, antispasmodic properties which will help you to treat with not only with gastric problems but also with ingestion and heartburn.

Start drinking it from today itself; all you need to do is to boil one cup of water and add honey to it if you want. When the water gets boiled completely, pour over tea bag.

Now, enjoy your tea by drinking it sip by sip. Repeat it regularly until gas issues are not cured.


Within a negligible time and with little efforts this remedy can takes place. As we know that baking soda is beneficial in many aspects.

Take a cup of water and then boil it, when it gets boiled completely add one table spoon of baking soda to it.

Drink this water twice a day and get relief from gas.


Mainly deals with the problems of indigestion, apple cider vinegar can help to deal with gas problems too. This remedy will soothe your stomach and give you an instant relief.

If in case apple cider vinegar is not available to you, you can take simple vinegar too. Start this remedy by boiling a cup of water and then add one table spoon of apple cider vinegar.

Now, allow it cool little bit at room temperature and then drink it.


Knowingly that even just a small clove of garlic can give a pungent smell but still is very useful as it resolves your indigestion problem and thus offers immediate relief from stomach gas.

You can drink garlic soup or you can boil garlic cloves and then add black pepper to it; finally drink it.

Try to drink this until you get cure from gas issues.