How to Attract a Cancer Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Cancer men are quite sensitive, driven by intuitions, and believe in the ‘talk less and act more’ mantra. Being a water sign, they have a spontaneous approach towards life. Winning their heart is challenging because they are reserved and won’t express their feelings in so many words, so you have to read between the lines in your pursuit.

Compatible Signs – Pisces and Scorpio (Water signs); Taurus and Virgo (Earth signs)

How to Keep Him Interested and Make Him Want You

1. Understand Him – As generic as it may sound, the key to attracting a Cancer man is in comprehending him, even when he isn’t that approachable. Chances are he is not that kind of a guy who talks about himself for hours, and you need to be more welcoming and appreciative to make him comfortable so that he opens up to you.

2. Show Concern Towards His Family – He is the ultimate family man mostly attached to his mother. Ask about his mother’s likes and dislikes and show your respect. For example, if he does something gentle, you might appreciate his gesture by saying ‘I am grateful to your mother for raising such a wonderful man’.

3. Make the First Move – Be in charge of taking the relationship to the next level as he won’t ever do that. You have to take the plunge and wait for him to reciprocate. But the catch is, you will have to act in a way so that the entire thing looks like the endeavor is coming from both of you instead of only you.

4. Invite Him Over at Your House – Instead of going out, tell him to come to your house and introduce him to your family. Though this depends on how serious are you about him. If you have made up your mind about the relationship, then this might be a viable idea. As already mentioned, he likes the ‘family-bonding’ thing very much and would be proud of you. Home-cooked meals are his preference so make something for him and ask him to join you for a meal.

5. Dress up for Him – While you deck up for a date night with him, make sure you wear something in orange or indigo. These shades are commonly favored by Cancerians. Also, they are particular about sweet perfumes so, spray some having a flowery scent.

6. Go Shopping with Him – Since a Cancer man loves shopping and picking clothes, taking him to a mall can be a good opportunity to bond.

7. Let Him Miss You – Everybody needs space; but when you are taking some time off from him, don’t expect his texts and calls instantly. He will miss you for sure, but might not contact you, as probably he is into making some constructive decisions regarding you.

8. Be Patient – If you see that your man is slow in his approach it is only because he is considering the relationship seriously and making himself ready for the commitment. Don’t rush into anything when it involves a Cancer man.

How Does a Cancer Man Act When He is in Love: Typical Signs to Show You That He Likes You

  • He is Being Possessive – Men of this zodiac signs are little possessive sans any negativity. This comes from their protective nature.
  • He Wants to Cook for You – Your man would love you to taste his best delicious recipes and nothing will make him happier than genuine compliments from you. He will get to know your favorite dishes and prepare them accordingly.
  • He Trusts You – If he shares his past, or confides in you regarding his deepest fear or desires then he thinks you are capable of keeping these secrets. As a water sign, it is very difficult for them to trust other people, so, if he does that it means he likes you more than a friend.

A cancer man wants to hear assuring words like ‘I am here for you’, ‘I will be always yours’ from time to time because of his emotional vulnerability. But once he is committed, he is the best person you could be with. So, show some effort on your part but don’t go overboard. It is also wrong to cling to someone when he is clearly not interested.