How to Attract a Capricorn Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Being pragmatic, sensible, and grounded, Capricorn men are majorly-career oriented individuals but that doesn’t mean they are reluctant in love. Dating a Capricorn man could be an enthralling experience for you as they don’t look for a fling, it is always either a serious relationship or nothing at all.

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How to Get Him Interested in Having a Relationship With You

1. Showcase a Realistic Approach – While talking to him regarding your future, maintain a rational outlook towards life. Capricorns don’t like next-to-impossible or daydreaming stories and desires, though but they appreciate if you have a sky-reaching aim and will help you attain enough strength to fulfill that.

2. Be Frank about Your individuality – As a sensible human being, you might have your career goals that are different than his or anything that you love to indulge in. Try to instill that sense in your conversation with him. He loves to have a partner having her own direction and set of rules in life.

3. Be Patient and Try to Understand Him – Although not entirely introvert, Capricorns take time to trust people before speaking their mind. So, don’t be disappointed if he is not opening up the way you expect; just concentrate more on building a rock solid foundation for your friendship and wait for him to show up.

4. Dress up in a Sensible Way – Though you can wear anything you like, try not to go for dresses that scream for everyone’s attention at a party or gathering. Otherwise, your man might feel disconnected from you. Choose a classy attire complementing your figure and personality. As far as colors are concerned, green, black, and gray are preferable.

5. Give Him Assuring Touches – For Capricorns, small touches simply mean a gradual increase in love. So if you really want your man forever, express it through some comforting hugs. Even if he ever feels down or depressed, a tight hug from you will set him right as he often secretly wants it.

6. Win His Heart with Your Sense of Humor – Your wit and natural instinct to make people laugh (if you have it, god bless) will surely entice the man of your life. So, amidst heavy talks, don’t forget to imbibe some punch lines.

7. Provide the Necessary Space to Make Him Miss You – Don’t eat up all his time in your endeavor to get to know him. Give him some time to himself and let him realize that he misses you. Even if you are also missing him, don’t it make it hard on you two, just text him asking how was the day or what is the plan for the next day. Let him come back to you on his own.

How Does a Capricorn Man Express His Love: Subtle Signs That He Likes You

  • He trusts you with his deepest secrets regarding life and shares everything with you.
  • He is showing efforts to stay in touch with you even if you don’t get to see each other at times.
  • He lets you direct him at certain situations, like which color to go for while shopping for clothes, or what food to order.
  • He will make it clear that he doesn’t like to see you with other guys, especially if they are flirting with you.
  • He lets you in his room which was certainly an unchartered territory for you earlier.
  • He is always in a playful mood when he is with you.

Having a Capricorn man in your life is a blissful affair just because of his intensity and commitment to the relationship. There is hardly any better compatible sign for you if you have similar qualities as mentioned above.