How to Attract a Gemini Man and Make Him Fall in Love

As a mutable zodiac sign, spontaneity, love for adventure, and unpredictability are the key traits or characteristics of Gemini. Men under the sign are known for their profound thought and bipolarity. They don’t like to stay in one place or state of mind for long, always looking for some excitement. While falling for a Gemini man is understandable, dating one is quite tricky as you have to be conscious all the time about his mood, but if he reciprocates, a fun courtship may be in your future.

Best Compatible Match for Gemini: Leo and Aries (fire signs) & Libra and Aquarius (air signs)

How to Make a Gemini Man Want You

1. Understand Him – Gemini men think and act randomly which can lead to severe misunderstanding. Also, their quick change of decision might leave you speechless, but it is mainly because of their agility of mind and an urge for breaking the monotony. You need to talk to him in order to understand his wavelength. This will help you figure out the thoughts behind his every action.

2. Show off your Sense of Humor – Geminis are witty by nature so make sure you have a good deal of jokes and funny anecdotes in your kitty. Also, talk in a casual manner; even if you are a serious kind of person, just make sure you have a naturalness in your manner.

3. Be Flirty – Men of this Zodiac sign are flirty by nature. So if you are thinking about how to approach the man in question, just relax and converse in a flirtatious way. He won’t mind getting along with you. Even if you are madly in love with him, don’t imply that seriousness, because that can actually drive him away.

4. Plan an Impromptu Date – Going out together is a must to get him interested. Don’t arrange anything traditional and typical like a candle-light dinner. Rather call him to meet you at a place and then decide where to go. It could be somewhere simple like a park or even a bite from a fast food joint. The fact that you are flexible enough with ideas ensures him about your agility which is at par with him.

5. Imbibe a Playful Look – Instead of dressing up in conventional clothes, try something experimental and edgy like short leather outfits or slit dresses with a jacket. Your body language should also be attractive to make him fall head over heels.

6. Respect His Privacy and Let Him Miss You – He might be the jolliest guy you will ever know, and maybe he will never say no to going out with you. But, instead of or overexerting the habit, give him some time ‘off you’. Remember that he has a family and friends that needs him too. Keep yourself apart from him sometimes to give him a chance to appreciate and think about you.

7. Retain the Mystery of Your Own Character– Despite being his friend or just an acquaintance, make sure you don’t go on divulging every little secret about yourself. He needs some mental exercise like guessing stuff about you – for example, your favorite color or what books you love. If he feels he knows all there is to know about you at an early stage of your relationship, he might lose interest.

8. Buy the Latest Gadgets for Him – Gifting him some latest technological tools will satisfy his inquisitiveness, which might work in your favor. If your man is not into gadgets, then you could try some offbeat things that will keep him occupied, like a book in whichever subject catches his fancy.

9. Don’t Let Him Get Bored – Make this your agenda and come up with innovative ideas to talk about. Even the slightest repetition of certain things can lead to monotony for Geminis. So use your brains, and let every moment he spends with you be a memorable one.

How Does a Gemini Man Express Love: Signs that He is Interested and Falling for You

  • His flirting with you tirelessly is a big sign that he likes you as more than a friend. This comes naturally to all Geminis but the fact that he is taking the time to flirt only with you shows that he is interested.
  • He will try to be in touch with you all the time through texting, or other modes of communication. Even when you two are together, pleasuring you with tight hugs, and keeping a protective arm on the back or waist implies that he is totally into you.
  • He will make travel plans with you as he is a born nomad. Exciting mountainous destinations or dreamy beach vacations are on the way once he sets his heart upon you.
  • He frequently expresses his desire to meet your family
  • He gets jealous and possessive when you ignore him for any length of time.

As a free-spirited person, a Gemini man is always on the move, so when he wants to stay around you it means he is trying to let you know to be his anchor. Although it might seem difficult dating a Gemini man, if you can figure out his unpredictability, you are good to go. Whether or not he will reciprocate depends on a lot of things; but if and when he does, a fun life awaits you.