How to Attract a Leo Man and Make Him Fall in Love

With an undying urge to be the cynosure of all eyes (because Leo is the only zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, the center of our galaxy) Leo men do not settle for anything less than the utmost passion. Because of their intense character, they get an instant ‘fan-following’ and leave a positive impact on others’ lives. So, if you have a Leo as a friend or just an acquaintance and you desire to date him, try to understand his nature and his ideologies.

Best Match for Leo Men – Aries and Sagittarius (fire signs); Gemini and Libra (air signs)

Make Him Want You by Understanding What He Looks for in a Woman

He looks for a woman who has confidence, passion, an aim to reach higher, honesty, and a brave spirit that challenges him. He needs this combination in his life partner, or the monotony and your lack of zest in life will drive him away.

As true as it can be, people born under the sign are truly open-hearted. Oversensitive at times, Leo men prefer their women to have a stable emotional quotient. Also, flirtatious (harmlessly ahem!) women who always bring all attention to themselves are big TURN OFFS for Leo Men. Here are few pointers to remember:

  1. Be Presentable Always – Leos are a keen observer of your day-to-day fashion and won’t hesitate to express what looks good on you and what doesn’t. If he gives any fashion advice, try to follow them as they are a real connoisseur of style. They just want their partner to match up to their grace and stylish personality. Yellow or golden colors are their universal favorite, so when you are out on a date, you may show up in these reliable shades.
  2. Feed His Ego and Keep Him Happy – Leos are full of vanity and expect to be treated that way by their partners. Just like the majestic lion, Leo men love to be praised and admired endlessly. You might find him surrounded by so many friends or “fans” but don’t confuse them as sycophants.
  3. Be Caring and Attentive – As all Leos are extremely caring, they expect the same in return. Just calling him at night and wanting to know how the day was will make him understand your concern towards him. Also, whenever he talks,  make sure to listen to him as ignoring a Leo can destroy a budding relationship, so always make him feel wanted.
  4. Be Witty – Sense of humor and wits are two of the biggest fields of proficiency for Leo Men. You need to catch up on them as Leos will appreciate anyone who can understand their puns, wordplays and reciprocate.
  5. Go Touchy-Feely – A Leo is a sensuous man and won’t stop you from getting intimate with him. But this is mostly the case when he has already set his mind on you. So this is a clincher to know for sure that he likes you. Showcasing a little PDA while you are trying to win his affection is good when things are a little serious.
  6. Buy Luxurious Gifts for Your Leo – People with this fire sign love to get pampered with thoughtful gifts. You may arrange a surprise dinner or gift him some nice apparel on his birthday; a creative touch will bring him closer to you.
  7. Express Yourself Verbally – Instead of subtle hints, you should try to win him in a straight-cut manner. He will notice your endeavor and if you are lucky he will get back to you. Also, talk to him about your goal, future plans regarding your career. Leos become happy and content knowing their partner takes their career seriously.
  8. Give Space and Make Him Miss You – Leos are wild and untamed, loving to thrive that way without any interruption. So you should not try to create a hindrance in his freedom. Don’t suffocate him with your possessiveness (if there is any). If he likes you, he will always come back. You have to share his views and outlook in order to make him feel special. Also, a little separation will make him long for you.
  9. Let Him Vent His Opinion – Whether it is an argument or sharing his deepest secret, a Leo has a flair for drama. He might go OTT (over the top) sometimes, but that ensures that he is genuine and doesn’t care what others think. You should never restrict him from doing so. Even in his attitude, he will showcase some gentlemanly traits like opening your car’s gate every time and adjusting your chair.
  10. Don’t Try to Steal His Controlling Power – Leos are, to some extent, a control freak and they love to take the upper hand. But not in a bad or negative way at all. Let him be the decision maker, and if he feels he is not capable, he will turn to you.

Signs that a Leo is Interested in You or is Falling for You

Practically you don’t need any sign to know if he is into you or not, as Leos in love are magnificent and there is an aura about them you can feel while dating,. Sill here are some signs:

  • He will arrange classiest dates with you as all Leos are eternally romantic. He likes the idea of long walks at night, talking soulfully with each other. If he is doing that it means he is comfortable around you and wants to spend time you.
  • He doesn’t shy away from the fact that you are his preference in front of others. He loves to indulge in meaningful hugs, kisses even in public without a care in the world.
  • Even though he is dominant in nature, he will let his guard down in front of you and show you his vulnerable side.
  • He keeps you as his top priority like if you are in college, he won’t be going to the much-desired college trip if you are not well and unable to accompany him.
  • He will plan a future with you and talk about serious stuff like kids and retirement plans.
  • He is extra careful and won’t mind changing the spotlight from himself to you.

As a fire sign, Leos are always loved for their warm behavior.  Winning their love is as rewarding as it gets because the lion knows how to love his lioness.