How to Attract a Libra Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Libra men are generally blessed with innate optimism, simplicity, and calmness which pull women towards them. While they are quite conspicuous, getting their genuine attention depends on how you present yourself. The first and foremost thing is tuning yourself with the balanced outlook that the Librans posses.

Best Match for Libra – Aquarius and Gemini (Air); Sagittarius and Leo (Fire signs)

Understanding a Libra Man to Make Him Want You and Keep Him Interested

1. Pay Attention to Your Appearance – ‘Dress to impress’ a Libran as people born under this sign has an eye for details regarding others’ art of carrying themselves. Librans prefer women with a fine dressing sense. Neither too much of a skin show nor too much of a drab style, make some safe yet elegant choice. Combining two different shades could be a risk unless you know his preferences. Go for pink, green, or purple, but no neon shades. Even the hairdo has to be nice and sober.

2. Take Him to Classy Dates – A Libra man appreciates typical or traditional scenarios for a date, like a candlelit dinner after an opera. Even if it is not a date, rather a simple hangout, take him to the beach and walk for hours while engaging him soulful talks.

3. Showcase Your Optimism – As much positivity he had inside him, he would like to see it in you as well. Even if you are not so positive in real life, let yourself surround with good books and thoughts and inculcate his zest and good vibe within yourself so that next time he sees you, he gets a reflection of his positivity through your behavior.

4. Play the Role of a Good Samaritan – Share with him your experience of being a constant support system to your friends. Talk about how you helped two friends patch up, or how you wish to work for the underprivileged in the future. As a true generous sign, Librans love who are gentle, good, and humble with a natural warmth in their behavior.

5. Surprise Him – Even though you don’t have to talk to him constantly, or meet him every day (to give him a chance to miss you), just stop by his house or send a gift with a big ‘miss you’ tag to show that you care. A text saying the same will also work, while you may also get him something handmade by you. His keen observer self will notice the attempt and it will help to get him closer to you.

Signs that a Libra Man Likes You and is Serious about You

Libra men can be hard to understand sometimes as they are easily carried away by other people or circumstances. Even if he doesn’t like someone, he won’t be able to express that. So to know whether he regards you as a serious part of his life, you need to decipher his actions.

  • He will be listening to your every word patiently while you talk to him. You might even find him staring at you during the conversation.
  • He likes to surprise you with little things, like sending something to your workplace or bringing you flowers without any occasion
  • Your Libra man would like you to be a part of his family gathering. This means you can expect to be his plus-one to his family parties and celebrations.
  • He is going to express himself genuinely and not in a flirtatious way. Complimenting you will be a frequent matter. Even if you ignore him for a while, his desperation for reaching you over text or in person makes it clear that he is missing you.
  • He will show off his culinary skill to you. Your favorite dishes will be served, made by him especially for you, whenever you are having dinner at his place.
  • He will seek some alone time with you from his busy schedule as being with you is like oxygen to him. He might insist that you make time for him.

Libras can be excellent companions for life despite their casual approach to life. Their commitment is truly worth mentioning, and they remain dedicated to their partner for all their life. Librans tend to get jealous if their partner ever ignores them when getting attention from other men.