How to Attract a Sagittarius Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Optimistic, wanderer, independent, and creative are perfect adjectives to describe a Sagittarius man. So, to have such a philosophical soul who is excited about the littlest things in life, you need to be at par with him, spiritually and ideologically.

Best Compatible Signs: Leo and Aries (Fire Signs); Aquarius and Libra (Air Signs)

Understanding the Personality Traits of a Sagittarius Man to Make Him Fall for You

1. Show Off Your Charisma – Sagittarius men are a sucker for beauty and it is to be mentioned that the term beauty doesn’t mean having a perfect pair of lips or eyes. It simply means embracing and enhancing what you have. So, be a little playful with your features while talking and imbibe some grace to get the attention of a sag.

2. Share Your Outlook Towards Life – These philosophical men prefer sharing their views about life and listening to others regarding the same. So, don’t hesitate to express what you feel about anything, in fact it could be a great topic to bond over.

3. Travel with Him – Exploring a new place or rediscovering a place you have been to before, both are equally exciting for a sag man. Nothing will satisfy him better than if he finds the same trait in his potential match. You can surprise him by arranging a short trip to somewhere nearby.

4. Don’t Become Predictable – Monotony is the only thing a Sagittarius man hates, so become a hard-to-decipher kind of a girl and to keep him hooked to you. But, don’t be so difficult that he loses interest altogether. You need to balance between making yourself challenging for a sag man and being friendly at the same time.

5. Don’t be Possessive – Though it is a strict no-no for any man, for a sag, even the slightest chance of getting possessive about him will earn you a place in his bad books. He enjoys his freedom like no other, and it becomes claustrophobic for him to stay with anyone trying to bog him down. Just let him fly, and as loyal and genuine he is, he is certain to come back to you if he wants to. This space will also give him time to introspect about you and miss you a little.

6. Support His Creative Endeavour – Sagittarius people are creative and artistic, so whenever your man does anything like writing a poem or painting something, encourage him to do more. It would be even better if you have a creative streak so you can discuss such stuff.

7. Simplify Things for Him – Sags are in general quite noncomplicated themselves and tends to run away from anything that starts to become complex. So, try and keep things simple, both between yourselves and when you are explaining something to him.

8. Get Used to His Brutally Honest Side – Sagittarians alwasy say what’s true without regarding if the truth hurts anybody. Their frankness is a reason many people misunderstand them as rude and stubborn, but they speak their minds and expect the same in return. Fakeness is the one thing they hate and can’t do with diplomatic responses. So, be as frank as you can.

How to Tell If a Sagittarius Man Likes You: Signs that He is Interested and Has Feelings

  • He plans for an outing together. Usually, sags are solo travelers, but when they want to take someone along for a journey it means the person must be special.
  • He tries to please you with his care, implying your happiness is of paramount importance to him.
  • He shares his secrets with you and some of them might even include you, like his first impression of you or when he had a crush on you.
  • He is not shy to showcase his concern regarding you.
  • He leaves no stone unturned to make every occasion special for you. It might be taking you to dinner, plan a party, or even plan a trip.

The fiery Sagittarians are always a treasure to have in your life. So if you are drooling over one, you should be aiming to befriend him first, as these people are great friends once they start trusting you. However, if the guy is not interested in you at all, or if he doesn’t like you much, he will clearly avoid you. In such a case there is no need to chase him, as long-lasting relations are best matched naturally.