How to Attract a Scorpio Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Sensual, passionate, secretive, self-dependent, and serious in the venture of love, Scorpio men are ruled by their water element and have a natural fluidity in their deportment. Interestingly, it is one of the fixed signs and this quality is reflected in their go-getter attitude. It is for the same reason Scorpio men always foster a clear idea about what to expect from their life and prospective soulmate, and knowing them could be your key to their heart.

Best Compatible Match: Pisces and Cancer (water signs); Virgo (earth sign)

How to Get a Scorpio Man and Make Him Commit

1. Dress Up Like a Diva – A well-dressed woman attracts everyone’s attention, and Scorpios are amongst them, so wear stylish attires and make sure you are comfortable in them. Just for the sake of looking trendy, don’t follow any uncomfortable fashion as that will create an awkward impression of you. Wearing something sensuous always works for a Scorpio man, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick up a slit dress or one with a plunging neckline. The clothes should be complementing your body language.

2. Let Him Know Your Career Goal – As smart as a Scorpio individual is, he desires the same in his counterpart. Nothing will be better if you discuss your future aims in terms of professional life, and your endeavor towards reaching the target. It is satisfactory for him to know that his potential partner is smart, and matches his wavelength in this regard.

3. Arrange a Date with Some Off-beat Activities – There is nothing wrong in setting up a date in traditional ways. But to cater to his intellectual need, you may incorporate something unique. Like after a classy restaurant date, you can ask him to play chess or take a tour to the nearby museum.

4. Make Him Feel Loved – This aspect has multiple facets as you can do so many things to show that you care. Compliment him in a subtle way so that he gets to decipher it and this will feed his need for intellectual stimulation. Your constant encouragement when he is going through some tough times will also help him realize how truly you want his happiness and well-being. Even though, he might take time to open up about himself, appreciate his silence and assure him that you will be there regardless of everything. Being a strong personality, everyone needs this support and admiration and undoubtedly this will work on your favor.

5. Be Truthful and Win His Trust – Scorpios, regardless of the gender,
find it hard to rely on someone and this is where you have to behave wisely. You need to secure a place in his heart so that he can consider you as one of his confidants. If someone misbehaves with your man, show how it disappoints you and that you are willing to disconnect yourself from the person. Also, never make mean comments about any of your close ones in presence of the Scorpio man as this will make him think that you might do the same about him behind his back. Always tell him the truth. For example, if you are late for a movie, elaborate the reason behind your action than cover up with excuses and lies.

6. Be a Little Mysterious to Keep Him Interested – This might seem contradictory but it is not. As much as openness and clarity are required in your equation with him, you have to be a bit puzzling so that he remains fascinated by you. For example, you may drop a little clue about your next surprise date that you have arranged for him. He will keep on coming to you with all probable answers by guessing. This is what will keep your promising relationship alive and youthful.

7. Let Him Miss You – Despite assuring him that you are always there whenever he needs you, also make sure to set some boundaries. It might be a certain time curfew, or specific days in the week when you don’t meet him or tell him that time is for yourself completely. This will evoke his passion, and he will miss you for sure during those days. This self-made restriction will earn you much respect from him as well.

8. Don’t be Too Critical of Him – If there is anything about him that you do not appreciate, make him realize that by conversing in a friendly or polite way. Don’t sound judgmental, rather be open and ask him why did he do it, and what could be the reason behind his action.

How Does He Act if He Likes You: 10 Signs to Know if He is in Love with You

  • He can’t take away his eyes off of you even if you are in a public place, attending a party together or watching a movie. Also, he maintains eye contact while you two converse.
  • He always looks for an excuse to be with you, be it over an impromptu date or calling you over regarding not-so-important things.
  • He shares his personal stuff with you, like movie collection or books that he hardly does with others.
  • He flirts with you, to your surprise, even in public place.
  • He shows much interest in your choices and doesn’t mind getting molded a bit by them.
  • He wants to connect with you profoundly. This is because he knows that if you two can bond from the root then the relationship will be stronger than ever.
  • He gives you gifts every now and then, and all of them are to your taste. This means he has been paying attention to your needs and choices and buys thoughtful gifts to win your heart.
  • He becomes protective of you in front of others and doesn’t mind making the extent of his concern known. This, in a way, is a sign that he wants you and is in love with you.
  • He doesn’t mind getting a little touchy-feely by holding hands and giving hugs. Since Scorpios are quite sensually inclined, it is natural for them to profess their love through touch.
  •  He showcases his tremendous loyalty to you and remains faithful even in your absence.

Scorpio men are good and genuine as a lover, so if you have one, hold onto him with all your tenderness and undying love. Once he realizes that you are the one, there is no looking back and nothing can stop him from pursuing you.