How to Attract a Taurus Man and Make Him Fall in Love

The key traits of Taurus men are loyalty, and sensuality, along with slowness, and stubbornness. While sometimes they can be extremely alluring to women, other times they are the most laid-back people without a care in the world. Understanding what turns him on or what doesn’t and acting accordingly is the basic way to win a Taurus man’s heart.

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How to Get Him Interested and Make Him Want You

1. Dress up as the Girl-next-door – Taurus men love women who celebrate their feminism in every possible way. You must be careful regarding your outfit while going out with him. Wear clothes that can do justice to your curves without being revealing. Also, the makeup doesn’t have to be over the top as you are not accompanying him to a red carpet. Keep it as minimal as possible yet visually pleasant. Peach shades are the best choice; also, pick some fine perfume instead of experimenting with it.

2. Showcase Your Confidence – Nothing appeals to Taurus men as much as confident women. While conversing with him, be clear in your diction, certain about your topic and don’t speak in an ill manner as the choice of words is also important.

3. Seduce Him with Gentle Touches – Sensuality is one thing that Taurus people never shy away from. They might not initiate but appreciate your every move. A gentle pat on the back or meaningful hugs will keep you on his favorite list.

4. Go Hiking/Trekking – This is to illustrate that Taurus people are nature lovers in general, so instead of a closed-door date, plan something outdoors. It could be hiking or camping overnight or a bonfire, any place where nature takes the upper hand will be pleasing to him.

5. Gift him Meaningful Things – Instead of branded stuff, you should give him something that can hold a special place in his heart, like books or CDs. Chances are he will be attached to music and your gift will make a permanent place in his collection.

6. Be Loyal – While conversing with him, make sure you don’t say anything that can imply you are fickle-minded and not faithful to your choices for long. He might feel that you are not the right choice, and he is less likely to be interested unless he can be sure about you. He wants a woman who is clear about her desires and demands.

7. Don’t be Domineering – Being bossy and showing your superiority is a strict no-no. He won’t be accepting that, so be subtle and graceful while you are making a statement. Here, again, choose your words carefully so that your intonations and suggestions sound friendly rather dominant.

8. Give him Compliments – Taurus men love to hear appreciative words so whenever you find he has done something good, tell him that instantly. ‘You look dapper’ and ‘Boy, you are so handsome’ could be your words of praising his dress sense and appearance.

9. Be Patient and Let Him Miss You – Instead of getting busy in his lifestyle all the time, make sure you have your priorities sorted. Give time to your friends and family, and spend some time off him. This will give both of you some own-time and he will get a chance to miss you. So will you, but since it’s your endeavor, you have to wait instead of rushing him.

Signs that a Taurus Man is in Love with You: How to Know from His Behavior

  • He is showing up frequently either at your doorstep, or your classes or workplace. This means he can’t get enough of you and wishes to seize every opportunity of seeing you.
  • His discusses his future plans regarding holidays and even other serious stuff with you.
  • He is being careful about your preferences. For example, if he is planning a day out, he will buy tickets for your favorite genre of movie. Also, he would often want to know whether you have eaten your breakfast or not. These are all a subtle sign of his affinity towards you.
  • He is making efforts to gel with your family and also introduces you to his folks.
  • He is opening himself to you by sharing his secrets and lets you understand him.

Taurus men are faithful lovers despite the fact that they may be slower than expected in expressing themselves. But, when they realize and commit they will make up for the time delayed with affection and love.