How to Attract a Virgo Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Analytical, practical, and with an eye for every detail, Virgo men possess many traits that draw others towards them. At the same time, their hard-to-pleaseworkaholic, and judgmental nature might lessen their appeal. But if you see the bigger picture, they are exceptionally romantic, despite the fact that they don’t go by the mainstream set of notions. Knowing what allures them is more important as there is hardly any mutable earth sign like Virgo which has a mystery surrounding them. This is because they are more comfortable staying out of the spotlight.

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How to Get a Virgo Man: Know About His Personality Traits and What He is Looking for

1. Be Prim and Proper – Virgos are particular about etiquettes and appreciate others who maintain a certain decorum. Suppose you two are having dinner at a restaurant, always be extra careful about how you place your spoon and fork since a little clumsiness on your part can drive him away. Even when you dress up, make sure there is nothing ‘too casual’ like a messy bun and unflattering clothes on you. Also, don’t ever make him wait as punctuality is the key to win his appreciation.

2. Be Extra Clean – When it comes to hygiene, there is no compromise for Virgos. They like everything spotless and abhor the idea of clumsy and cluttered places. Be it the workplace or home, they just can’t stand the untidy condition. So, if you are calling him over to your place, make sure newspapers are stacked in their place and tangled wires and chargers are either hidden or detangled and hanging from the switchboard. The books should be on the shelves instead of the bed or center table.

3. Present Yourself as a Composed Woman – A Virgo man aspires to be the life partner of a woman who is not dependant on him emotionally or financially, but rather has her priorities sorted. You need to reassure your man that you have it all under control (at least you can pretend!). Don’t talk in a confused manner or do anything that implies you are dubious about a certain matter as he might not be able to accept that. Talk about art, philosophy and spiritual things to entice his creative soul.

4. Show off Your Culinary Skill – “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is apt for all Virgo men but the food has to be home-cooked. You can learn a few preparations and master the art of cooking to please him.

5. Don’t Reveal All – A Virgo man desires mysterious women at the same time wants to know all about them. This is where the bipolarity of his nature lies. So, to go safe, talk to him in a way that both purposes are fulfilled. For example, if you are conversing about your career, you can disclose what your goals are, but how you plan to achieve them could be kept a mystery. Remember, once he feels that he knows too much about you, he will be bored and may even stop mingling with you.

7. Be a Soft-talker – Harsh and cruel words even said unintentionally, are a strict no-no as Virgo men detest them. The genuine and honest soul doesn’t prefer to hear such words from the people he cares about and won’t mind distancing himself from you if you keep saying such things. Always use kind words and get into his good book.

7. Show Your Kindness – Donating at a charity organization, or standing up for a social cause, could get you closer to a Virgo man. His generous heart appreciates your concern for the underprivileged and your intention to lift them up.

8. Give Him Some Time – As a mutable sign, he needs to realize what he is into. Whether he sees you as his prospective life partner or not, he would prefer some alone-time. Do not expect him to immediately get obsessed with you; all you can do is give him his space.

Signs that a Virgo Man is in Love With You: How Does He Act When He is Interested

  • His being helpful is a telltale sign, even though Virgos show a helpful attitude towards everybody. He would like to help you figure out your grocery lists, best financial moves, and domestic chores.
  • His long-term planning involves you, like when he talks about his plans for the next 5-10 years, you will be featuring in them.
  • He opens up to you about his vulnerability and shares his dreams because he considers you to be the one. Be gentle and faithful, just listen to him patiently.
  • He misses you and talks with you at all hours of the day, but in a gentlemanly way. He won’t be acting like a teenage boy, but do it in a classy way like calling you instead of texting.
  • He will ask for your company for his next art museum visit or theater show. As much as he loves art, sharing these moments with you means he wants you to be a part of his happiness.

The Virgo in your life might be less strict with the cleanliness factor when he is around you. Overlooking your mistakes and moving on often means you are really special to him. If you have something disorganized in your house, he won’t mind arranging that in the perfect order make it look beautiful.

Dating a Virgo man is not easy, even after he has made the commitment, you will have to stay cautious about your manners and words, but making a successful relationship depends on the two individuals involved, and not everyone is the same. Be honest, genuine, and try to see the world from his point of view for a better and long lasting courtship.