How to Attract an Aquarius Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Non-conformist, unpredictable, social, and idealist, Aquarius men are difficult to be convinced for a long-term romantic relationship as they tend to love their freedom over any commitment. Though, regardless of these apparent hurdles, you can still win his attraction and love forever by trying to understand his traits. And, having one such genuine soul as a life partner could only complete and fulfill you.

Best Compatible Matches: Aries and Sagittarius (Fire Signs); Libra and Gemini (Air Signs)

How to Get an Aquarius Man to
Commit and Want You

1. Befriend Him – It might sound common, but friendship is the base for any amorous relation, and in this regard, it is an absolute must. Aquarius men don’t like to indulge in serious relationships quickly and even though you want to have a future together, you need to make the man of your life comfortable first. Your approach should always be casual yet caring so that he can open up and bank on you.

2. Talk to Him About Your Goals in Life – Being passionate and career-oriented will surely get you some points from him. When he sees that you have an aim for the future and your world doesn’t revolve around him, he will appreciate that you are ambitious and have your own life.

3. Don’t Be Too Possessive – Being more of a free bird, he doesn’t like the idea of being tied up due to relationship commitments. If you can let him have his space, he will respect you even more. He might even have multiple close female friends with whom he loves to spend time. Don’t be jealous, don’t try to restrict him. Once he realizes how you trust him with his freedom, he will want to be with you – however long may it take for him to admit it.

4. Be Challenging – Women who can excite and stimulate Aquarius men mentally with new challenges attract them. While conversing, you may incorporate new topics from time to time so that he can enjoy talking to you instead of getting bored.

5. Showcase Your Uniqueness – It could be through your intelligence or your attitude, or even the way you dress up – you need to have an unmatched quality that will have him drool over you. You don’t have to do anything trendy in order to impress him, as it is more important for an Aquarius man to have a woman confident with who she is, instead of blindly following rules. Independence and authenticity are two of the qualities these men expect to find in their better half.

6. Be Approachable – As Aquarius people are extrovert and love to gel with people in parties and gatherings, you need to be receptive of his attention and gestures when he is conversing with you. Being able to talk about everything under the sun with you makes him fond of you.7

Signs that an Aquarius Man is Interested: How Does He Act When He Likes You or is Falling for You

  • He talks to you more than ever and about a wide range of topics. Late night talks or early morning texts are telltale signs that he is slowly turning up to you amorously. Not only will he initiate the conversation but will also keep you hooked until the end of the discussion. The most striking part is that all these topics will cover your points of interest as well.
  • Invites you to join him on his trips and ventures, all of which are extremely personal and liberating for him. If he is asking for your company, it usually means he loves being with you while indulging in his passion.
  • He flirts with you regularly, but without crossing any boundaries, which might indicate that he is falling for you. Watch out for the other signs to correctly understand what’s happening.
  • He confides in you, which makes it evident that he considers you among his best friends or even more. His weaknesses, ambitions, bucket lists, all will be in your knowledge if he loves you.
  • He is always sensible, understanding, and attentive towards you that speaks volume.
  • You often receive flowers, small yet thoughtful gifts, and
    dinner invitations from him, showing how much he appreciates you in his life.

An Aquarius man in love also tends to listen to his lady rather than always speaking himself. He knows how to keep his partner happy and always in love. The love that an Aquarian man has is genuine that includes embracing their love with all her qualities as well as faults.