How to Attract an Aries Man and Make Him Fall in Love

Having the effortlessly charismatic personality as they do, you are bound to notice an Aries man and may fall for him quite easily. But, it may not be as simple to make them fall in return, as the only thing that can win their attention is showing that you truly care. Though astrologically their compatible signs are Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius, women belonging to other sun signs might also succeed with an Aries man if they know how.

Make an Aries man like you by knowing what he is looking for in a woman

Aries men are a loner in the truest sense of the term because they like everything customized, and it is difficult to find all their desired qualities in one woman. Here are a few ways to try for making them notice, and stay interested in you:

  1. Pay heed to his need – It may sound generic, but showering him with enough attention is the way to go. You must let him know that you are observant even about his smallest preferences, and working on them. Even if he says something casually, try to incorporate that in your action and he is bound to notice your effort.
  2. Expose different aspects of your personalities – Aries men love dating intellectual and financially independent women. But their masculine attitude craves for the demure, meek, and feminine attributes in their partner. So, balancing these two sides is important.
  3. Give him space – Aries love their space and this is something they can’t compromise with. Don’t try and take up all his time as you go after him. Let him indulge in whatever he feels good about, and make time for you accordingly. If you miss him, just a ‘miss you’ text or gif might be a safe choice. This will eventually make him miss you, which is what you want.
  4. Don’t make yourself too available – Make sure, you are also playing a little hard-to-get, as Aries men consider themselves to be the knight in shining armor and would like to win your attention for themselves as well if they have fallen for you. This is even more important if you are trying to win him back after a breakup.
  5. Never let him get bored – Engaging him in adventurous activities, traveling, or anything that includes his point of interest will keep him hooked to you as an Aries man can’t stand boredom. Feed his soul, feed his brain, and he will you be yours forever.
  6. Have a direct approach in pursuing him – Instead of giving dubious signals (which might be hard for an Aries to decipher), try a simpler path and flirt with him. Let him know that you are interested in him and wait for his turn to reciprocate, in a dramatic way (that is, of course, if he likes you in return).
  7. Be truthful at all times – Aries are honest and always prefer the truth in any given situation, regardless of how blatant it could be. Even if he is a ‘Casanova’, he admits to that openly. So, you need to inculcate that trait in yourself and be transparent with him.
  8. Keep up with his pace – Being energetic, Aries men are always on the go. With an eye for only the best, they seek certain dynamism in their relationships. Try to match with his zest for life and you are halfway there.

Signs that the Aries man is also in love with you

The positive thing about men belonging to this sun sign is that they are equally conspicuous in showcasing their affection, and initiating a relationship when they feel they have found ‘the one’. Here are a few things that might help you find out if you are succeeding in your pursuit:

  • He will want to make you feel special with little things, like noticing the color of your dress (and complementing), remembering your drink preferences, your favorite book, and making efforts to be the first one to wish you on your birthday.
  • He will enjoy all your silliness instead of feeling awkward, it could be laughing at your not-so-funny jokes or some mistake you are embarrassed about (like forgetting to remove the price tag from your dress).
  • His smile will express his happiness to see you every time he spots you, regardless of the place.
  • He will text you every now and then; it might be just a good morning or good night text, implying that he is thinking about you all the time and letting you know how you rule his mind.
  • He will make himself available for you every time you ask, which shows how much you mean to him

Usually, he is not likely to wait for long before confessing his feeling to you, once he himself recognizes them. So, you probably won’t have to read the signs for days and months before things start moving forward.

A relationship with an Aries may be challenging on a day-to-day basis as he can easily become impulsive, impatient, and even aggressive if provoked. But his love and commitment can make up for it if you know how to value them.