How to Get a Guy to Stop Texting You: 8 Ways

Just as all that’s readily gained do not always yield good results, texting, along with letting you easily stay connected with your friends, also allows the user to convey whatever nonsense he feels and thinks. So, you need to be prepared to tackle unwanted texting ‘friends’ readily and effectively.

Things to try when a guy won’t stop texting you

1. Do not reply to his texts

How to Get a Guy to Stop Texting You

This is the initial measure that might work for guys that are polite, but not very adept at understanding what displeases a girl. Stop responding to any of his texts but carry on with posting updates on Facebook to show that you are still active on the social media. Your long span of silence is to signal him of your disinterestedness in him through nonverbal means. In many cases, these guys catch on fast before further embarrassments occur.

2. Text him back (without being rude) that you are busy

At times subtlety proves inconsequential in making the concerned guy take note of your annoyance. In such cases, it is best to let him know that you are busy; it is a nice way of letting him know that you do not wish to spare any time for him.

3. Ask him to stop texting you so much

Some guys, not appreciating the idea of rejection from a girl, continue sending texts just to irritate her. The ideal way to make them understand their folly is by telling them outright that endless messages are irksome and should be stopped immediately. You do not have to be mean right away, but if needed, you may even go as far as warning him that you will have to take serious measures unless he stops.

4. Send him error messages

Make Someone Stop Texting You Error Message

This one may need a little effort on your part, but if he keeps sending texts, give him a “404 error message” or “message delivery failure” text back. The more he would receive them, the greater would he get aggravated, finally reaching a point of ultimate frustration when he would drop the idea of sending texts completely.

5. Block him

Most phones these days have the “block” option. Use it to efficiently cease his calls, and messages. If he is sending texts on social media like Facebook or WhatsApp, then you can easily block him from your friend list as well.

6. Employ smart apps

By using Android, Google or iOS devices, you can easily recognize unknown numbers, which will help you to recognize the guy even if he is using different numbers. You can then block all those numbers.

7. Get a new number

Another polite way to disable the particular troublesome guy from sending you texts is by getting a new number. Though, it involves the little labor of giving the new number to all your contacts (except the texting guy of course). But, it may be worth your while.

8. Take legal steps

This is the last measure you might have to take if the guy doesn’t stop texting in any way at all. Report such creeps to the cops so that adequate legal steps, such as a restraining order, can be taken before things go out of hands.

Ideally, you should give your number only to people you know well, and who, you may be sure, will not abuse or take advantage of having the means to contact you. But in today’s world, you do not always control who is getting your number. So, you may need to try the above steps; though hopefully, your work should be done before you need to involve the cops.