DIY: 6 Traps to get Rid of Fruit Flies using Household Items

Fruit Flies are the bane of all us. You often found these Unwanted Pests in your Kitchen; though These flies have a short term Lifespan, but they are very harmful to us as they spread Infection. These Fruit Flies grow at a very rapid rate from Childhood to Adults in just 8-10 days.

Homemade Traps to Get Rid of Fruit Fly

They usually live in stinky places like Sink, Dustbin, and Disposal Drains. These little nasty beggars get attracted to the Rotten or Fermenting Food and Juicy fruits. If you always get Irritated from these Pests, So take a few minutes and Read the tips given below that ‘How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies’ and can save yourself from the Infection they Spread.

These Fruit Fly Traps are very simple and would not Consume much of your Time.

1. Fruit Jar Type Trap

Well the fruit flies of Dumb beasts as they know how to get in the Trap, but have no idea to get out of it. For Fruit Jar Type Fruit fly Trap you will need:

  • A Glass Jar
  • Plastic sheet to cover Glass Jar
  • Rubber-band
  • Ripe Fruits
  • A Pin

Start it by putting some over Ripe-Fruits in the Glass Jar and covering it with Plastic sheet. Fix it with the plastic sheet. With the help of safety pins of doing some Holes in it. Put this Jar in the corners of your home where chances are more to find the Fruit Flies and also at the entrance.

Fruit Trap for Fruit Fly

When the Jar is completely filled with Fruit Flies and then submerges in the Soapy Water for about 10 minutes to ensure that Fruit Flies do not come back.

2. Vinegar Trap for Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies get attracted towards any Fermenting thing. Quickest way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies is to catch the reproducing adults, which give birth to more and more Fruit fly.

All you need to do is Put some Vinegar drops at different corners of your house to catch these little Monsters.

3. Red Wine Fruit Flies Trap

As mentioned above fruit flies attracted towards the fermenting smell like vinegar and also towards vinegar.

So take a red wine bottle with the skinny neck so that it can trap fruit flies and cannot let them go. Now place the red wine bottle in corners of the house or at the places where the intensity of these nasty baggers is more and decrease their population.

4. Milk Sugar Trap

This kind of Trap to kill Fruit Flies is very common since 1850. Here are some of the Ingredients you need to plan this Fruit Fly trap are:

  • 100 Gram of Raw Sugar
  • Half Liter of Milk
  • 2 Ounces of Ground Pepper

Mix all these Ingredients together in a Pan and leave it to resolve for about 10 minutes. Now distribute it into various dishes so that you can put them at different places of the House.

Milk Fruit Fly Trap

So that Fruit Flies for some reason attracted towards it, and then get suffocate from the Disgusting smell of it and got killed.

5. Empty Bins to get rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies often live in stinky places like Sink or Dustbins. And if you do not clean your dustbins time to time, then the population of fruit flies can be increased rapidly and can be Infectious for you. So clean Dustbins immediately when it gets full and do not leave it Open.

6. Sealed Jar Lids

Usually the fruit flies attracted to the fermented things only, but there are certain possibilities are there that they can be traced to improperly sealed jar of fruit preserves or any other food things.

Every Jar of your Kitchen must be Sealed properly and there should be no place for Fruit Flies to enter it and make it inefficient to eat.