7 Tips to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat & Love Handles

Getting rid of lower belly fat and love handles is one of the most difficult tasks as it is the hardest targeting area when you are talking about weight loss or good looking physique. Then you have to do workout to get rid of love handles and lower belly fat, if you serious about weight loss and attaining the good physique.

Your fat burning workout routine for lower belly and love handles may take significant time in getting toned stomach depending up on your workouts to lose weight routine and how much fat you have got.

Diet and fat burning exercises routine has to be tuned together into toning up your upper body perfectly and also losing fat all across the board.

Measure your stomach fat and love handles

With the right attitude and little bit of hard ward you will definitely eliminate this pesky fat on your lower belly; you can feel more confident with your skin and body with little efforts.

There are other benefits also of reducing stomach fat, as it will

  • Reduce Shoulder & Chronic Neck Pain
  • Enhance your Body Posture
  • In turn your back will improve Aesthetics.
  • Reduce the risk of Asthma & Diabetes.

So, you should start focusing on your love handles & belly fat from now on and try to reduce it. For this just go through some simple ways listed below and try these tips at your home in order get sexy back and great posture.

1. Take care of your Diet

Before jumping directly to any kind of exercise or on any other way to reduce belly fat, first of all you need to take care of your diet and one should make a proper diet chart with the consultation of dietitian.

Eat smarter, be careful in choosing what you eat and also cooking up the cleaner recipes is important in your battle against back bulge.

foods that reduce belly fat

Look out for best fat burning recipes for breakfast, dinner, and lunch and even for evening snack; include all these recipes in your fat burning diet chart.

2. Turning your Cardio up!

If you are really serious about how to reduce lower belly fat and love handles, then you have to get serious about your cardio.

According to USDA Guidelines, a normal woman should perform a session of 60 minutes four to five times a week. In case you are searching for more intense cardio, then you should go for interval training, means alternating between periods of pushing up your body and recovering it.

girl on cardio workouts

This technique also offers an after burn effect. That is after exercising your body will burn more calories approx., 200 calories extra throughout a day, even when you are at rest or sleeping.

3. Focus on your Body Tone

Take out some time from your busy schedule and add  up five minutes back work out for you love handles or back fat; also body balancing exercise in your workout plan.

It is advisable to try out posture improving exercises in order to tone up your body. One can also do moves that sculpt your back, shoulders and also oblique to reveal strong muscles that lie beneath and of course these moves will help to eliminate back bulges

4. Yoga Postures to Reduce Love Handles & Belly Fat

Above mentioned cardio and quality strengthens training as well as moves are the key to reduce the stomach cramps and fat, but yoga can take off complete body fat, but some particular yoga postures are there to focus only on back & belly fat.

Yoga exercise to lose belly fat and love handles

Start your morning with some easy and light yoga postures to reduce your body fat and to enlighten your overall personality.

This is what the perfect heart pumping routine actually all about and you needs this routine to get the perfect shape.

5. Using Upper Figure Ergo-meter

In the case if you want quick results you can use this Ergometer. Buy an Ergometer at your home if you exercise center does not have one there. An Ergometer has two pedals that you turn using your hands while sitting or remaining before it. It is same as rotating bicycle handle bars.

For best results, workout on an Ergometer for about 10- 15 minutes per day.

6. Jumping Ropes – Easy Fat Reducing Exercise

If you do not have enough time to do each and every body toning and fat reducing exercise, then do rope jumping daily it will work equally as that exercise will work.

Rope Skipping - weight loss workout

It is also a great cardiac workout.

You might be thinking that jumping ropes are just working with your shoulder, then let me clear this perception of yours; it is connected to your back too.

7. Take out High Calorie Drinks & Alcohol

Intake of high calorie drink is the biggest reason of fat among youngsters. In order to get rid from pesky fat; also to be sized up perfectly; must take a step back in taking these high calorie drinks.


In fact we should intake weight loss drinks, It could be anything  from Green Tea to Fruit Infused water or detox water, instead i=of alcohol and high calorie drinks.

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