10 Natural ways to get rid of Vaginal odor fast in House

Vaginal odor cause by bacterial infection, unsafe sex infections and some other reasons.

Sometimes it feels awkward and can cause lack of confidence also. If you also face this problem and you can’t tolerate this problem any more, then you have to use these remedy to get rid of feminine odor or vaginal odor at your home.

These home remedies really works and help you to get rid your vaginal odor.

How to get rid of Vaginal odor fast in house

1. Use white Vinegar

White vinegar can reduce your those unpleasant vaginal fishy odor.  You can try white vinegar for odor of vagina. It’ll restore your pH level in vagina. It’s an easy and one of the best idea to get rid vaginal odor. Use white vinegar in your bath water  and soak in it for few minutes.

  • Add half cup white vinegar in your bath tub.
  • Soak in it for 5 to 8 minutes.
  • You have to try this idea continue 2 to 3 weeks in a month.

2. Garlic

health-benefits-of-garlic.jpgAnother best option is to use garlic for the feminine odor.  It’ll reduce all type of infection in vagina, it’ll help you to get rid of white discharge and specially fishy odor of vagina.

Use garlic in your daily food and salad also. It’ll get rid your all problems related by vagina. This is a best home remedy for vaginal odor.

  • You can put a piece of garlic in your vagina for 2 hours daily, after this trick you’ll feel the odor of your vagina is really less than before.
  • Use garlic in your daily food if you want to reduce your vaginal odor.

3. Baking soda

If you are in trouble with the odor of your vagina, In that case you can use baking soda also. One of the best and cheap idea in my list for the inflectional odor of vagina.

You can try this idea at your home easily, use baking soda in your bath water. Baking soda easily available in your home.  Daily follow this procedure and you can get rid your vaginal odor and all other vaginal infection.

  • Apply half cup baking soda in your bath water daily.
  • Soak your body in it for half hour.
  • Baking soda will reduce all type of infection of your vagina.

4. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an anti fungal ingredient or antibacterial. It’ll really help you for reducing odor. This is for all the vaginal problem or infections.

  • Add 2 to 3  drops of tea tree oil in one cup water.
  • Apply this mixer to rinse of your vagina.
  • Use this several times in a week.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is really good for killing bacteria which used to cause vaginal odor.  If you have odor problem in your vagina in that case you can use apple cider vinegar.


Just like white vinegar, It’ll also helps to balance pH level of your body. This solution will kill that bacteria which cause the bad odor.

Use this apple cider vinegar and after some weeks you’ll see the result yourself.

  • Mix 2 cup apple cider vinegar in your bath water.
  • Soak your lower body in this water for 20 minutes.
  • You can apply this remedy many times in a week.
  • If you don’t wanna bath in apple cider vinegar, in that case you can drink one glass water mix with 1 or 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar daily.

6. Yogurt

Bath with yogurt, is another home remedy for the vaginal odor infection. Sometimes vaginal bad odor feel very irritating and If you want something effective then you can use yogurt for the bath and soaking. It can reduce your bad odor with in few weeks.

You have to use only 2 cup plain yogurt in your bath water and soak your lower body part in it for half hour. If you don’t want to bath or soaking than you can rinse your vagina with the solution of water and yogurt.

  • You can eat also 2 tablespoon yogurt in a day for reducing the bad odor.
  • Soaking and rinse are other option with the yogurt to get rid the vaginal odor.
  • Apply this idea many times in a week.

7. Boric acid

Boric acid is an amazing odor cleaner. You can make gelatin capsules and filled them with Boric acid.  Let this capsule in your vagina for a night.

This Boric acid capsule can make your vagina odor free. Boric acid show there effect with in some weeks. You have to use this remedy several times in a week.

  • Make sure don’t swallow these capsules.
  • Keep it store in a safe place and out of reach of the children’s.
  • Don’t use these Boric acid capsules in pregnancy, It’ll become harmful in pregnancy.

8. Use cotton panties

Use always cotton panties because cotton cloths keep dry your skin and they soak the body sweat. That’s why the bacteria can’t grow in cotton panties.

If you used the silk panties in that case, you allow to grow the bacteria and odor in your vagina. If you really want odor free, then you have to give up silk panties.

Buy Wear cotton panties

It’s great way to make your vagina odor free, without using any remedy or any ingredients. It’s very easy trick in this article for you.

  • Change your panties regularly.
  • Always use dry and cotton panties.
  • Give up the silk undergarments.

9. Neem leaves

Neem leaves is a great remedy you can use these leaves for many body problems, even vaginal odor too.  Neem leaves is a Herbal remedy which you can use them easily at your home.

Just boil these leaves and let them cool.

After cooling this boiled water Rinse your vagina with this water several times in a week.

10. Have safe sex with your Partner

If you have a safe sex with your loved one then normally your vaginal odor become less.

After having sex wash your hand and your vagina area properly.  Keep clean your vagina all time and also use clean undergarments.


All of these remedy’s are natural. They’ll never harm your body,  rather these remedy’s more helpful for vaginal odor.

I was also getting frustrate with this problem, but after using some of these remedy’s, I don’t have any problem about vaginal odor.

It’s like magic, I get odor free vagina with in some weeks.  You should also try these remedy’s at your home. 🙂