How to Make a Guy Jealous: 7 Ways Sure to Work

The overwhelming sensation of romance invariably brings along with it a host of familiar scenarios like mounting expectations, commitment, trust, etc. Now, if the ratios of any of these falter, it becomes a safe passage for an easy sprouting of a furtive creeper called jealousy. Nonetheless, jealousy is known to breed freshness in most healthy relationships. So, be it in your class in middle school or college, if you feel the urge to use it to gain your guy’s attention, just go for it.

How to Make a Guy Jealous

How to make your boyfriend jealous

If your guy does not show any interest in you, after being in a steady relationship for some time, before surrendering yourself to useless tears, go through these simple ways.

1. Initiate friendship with other guys

Boys simply go nuts on seeing their partners with other males. Being insecure by nature, they become confused. Seize this flaw to claim your sway. Indulge in mild flirting, laugh at your pal’s joke in front of him, talk more about other guys and see how in no time he goes bananas for you.

2. Ignore him by being busy always

It is only when you have loads of free time to invest on your dearest one that he begins to take you for granted. Revive your lost hobbies, spend some extra hours at the office, have a night out with your gang of girls; the moment he discerns a change in your normal routine, his inquisitive mind is sure to ponder over a lot. The outcome is much en route. Before long, he’d drive you mad with innumerable questions.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

3. Make him jealous and love you more through texting

Putting your surging emotions in check, refrain from texting now and then. The longer a boy is compelled to wait, the more he becomes impulsive to know more about you. So, titillate him by appearing mysterious. If you do need to elaborate, adhere to subtle comments like, “I am busy right now. Can we talk later?”

How to make the boy you like (but not dating) jealous

At school, if your crush is shy and not adept at grasping those sure shot signals from you, it’s time you be a little wily and try out these ways to seal your romantic connection.

1. Use social networking sites to your advantage

While having a gala time with your friends, don’t hesitate to let them take multiple pictures of you. Post them subsequently on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and proceed to graciously thank every other guy that compliments you profusely. The admiration you get serves as his head turner, making him take notice of you henceforth.

2. Look glamorous

A boy is inevitably first attracted by beauty and then by brains. So, appear hot and sizzling such that he cannot help but gaze at you. But, take care, don’t seem too obvious. Make him wait for you, pine for you, go out with his friends and see how he gets crazy to secure one moment with you.

How to Make a Boy Jealous

Ways to make your ex-boyfriend jealous and want you back

Nothing can give you more bliss than seeing your man turn green with envy only days after he has dumped you. Here are a few golden tips to raise those eyebrows:

1. Openly flirt with other guys

Now, you have no reason to give priority to his feelings. So, indulge in abundant flirting with guys and do ascertain to make him notice it. However, resort to mild flirting only without cheating, if you plan to get him back.

How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous

2. Know what’s best to say

Your overwhelming tendency to make him vexed might lead you to blurt out more than what’s expected. So, be careful when he approaches you. Talk less and maintain a distance. Remember, being with him has already cost you your mental peace. Hence, be suave and strategic.

Jealousy is very much akin to the spices we inculcate in an otherwise mundane dish to make it hot and delicious. In most cases, it works admirably. However, for allowing your romance to have a mild stimulation, be vigilant of the delicate line between making him want you versus hate you, for being unjustly offensive. In fact, it all depends on your immediate situation. So, call upon the green-eyed monster, but don’t make him a permanent occupant of your mind.