How to Make a Guy Miss You: 7 Easy Ways

It is not easy for a girl to get a boy to miss her; being less emotional than girls, they are not much prone to missing. What you need is the key to balancing passion and tact perfectly so he starts to miss you like crazy. Here are a few pointers that might help:

How to Make a Guy Miss You

How to get the guy you like to miss you and want you

1. Ignore him purposely

A spell of uncontrollable yearning seizes you every time you spot your teenage crush on school or college premises, but are at a loss about what to say to him. Here’s an idea – do not say anything at all. Most guys get pissed off when they are not given attention. It naturally sets their mind to embark upon a whirlwind tour of surmising innumerable possibilities as to what’s the case? So, while passing him in the park or canteen, refrain from giving a sweet nod or half smile, and see how he starts feeling something for you in no time at all.

2. Appear at your best when he is around

The leading stimulus of attraction for boys invariably constitutes good looks. Hence, if you want the guy of your dreams to chase you, appear hot and sizzling whenever you are in his vicinity.

How to make the guy you are dating miss you

1. Be less eloquent

When you start ignoring your boyfriend to some extent, also imposing a deliberate silence in your approach, there instantly breeds a certain mystery. And, the moment it becomes difficult for a guy to predict your moves, his anxious brain signals him to think more of you. No matter how busy he remains, you will always be on his mind.

2. Be subtle in texting

When dealing with a tough guy, remember that continually tagging him to pictures on Facebook or giving him a Snapchat every 5 minutes is only going to make him get tired of you. Hence, be in touch, but with aloofness. Resort to short texts and end the conversation before he does, to keep his desire to talk with you pulsating for a long time.

How to make a guy miss you in a long distance relationship

1. Use social media to your advantage

Instead of clogging him emotionally with texts such as “I love you”, give him FYI (for your information), messages, post random pictures of your activities on Facebook or impart him a clue of your active life by saying things like, “Remember the guy living next door? He gave me a bunch of roses yesterday.” He’s either going to call you more often or remain connected to you via Whatsapp.

How to make your ex-boyfriend miss you enough to want you back

1. Have fun with his other friends

A little flirting may evoke the necessary jealousy in a guy to make him miss you all the more after a breakup. So, indulge in harmless affairs and make sure that he notices.

2. Do not be the first to contact

Now, be patient, as the earlier you pour out your swelled-up feelings, greater is the chance that he’d avoid you. So, let him take the initiative to call you up after a fight. And, once he does so, be polite, revive good times and make him feel the urge to reconnect with you without delay.

Love is a bizarre emotion. Its absence makes life seem useless, while its excess prepares the ground for the sprouting of discontentment. So, fall for someone, adore him passionately, but create situations such that you both miss one another to make that relation everlasting.