10 Natural ways on How To Make Your Boobs Bigger

All woman’s want a beautiful and sexy figure. But 70% ladies are not satisfied with their breast size and they want big and beautiful breast.

No doubt with a small size of the breast, the beauty of a lady is incomplete.  This is a serious problem.

If you are trying some way for the enlargement of your boobs and that is not effective.  So you don’t worry and do not take stress,  for this problem as we have some better way in our list to increase your breast size.

Natural Breast enhancement

These ways are very easy and cheap, you could try them at your home without any problem and can make your breast enhancement. Believe me, these ideas make you feel happy.

Food sources

Some type of food source helps you to increase your breast. If you are not satisfied with your breast, eat fresh fruits and healthy food with full of vitamins.

Add papaya and milk in your daily diet.  Eggs, chicken, nuts and some source of protein add to your diet. Make sure it helps you to grow your boobs size.

Avoid junk food if you want bigger boobs. Smoking and alcohol is harmful to the growth of the breast.  Don’t intake coffee and other carbonated drinks. All these types of food products stop the growth of your boobs.

Daily Massage

Give daily massage of your boobs, it’s a best way to make your boobs bigger. Do it every day and in the night before, sleep with your soft hand.

You should use some kind of best oil for massage. This daily massage works fast and make your boobs and beautiful figure .


Fenugreek is a type of herb. With the help of this herb you can make your boobs big and sexy at your home without going anywhere. It’s a good idea to make your breast bigger in size.

You could use this herb as a form of liquid and rub this on your breast with your hands. Every single day you have to do this and see the result within some days.


Exercises, good way to improvement in boobs size. Many types of exercises help you to incenses your breast size. This is very easy and simple, the way of exercises. You can grow your breast size at home.

Give the push up exercises to your boobs. When you do this, push up exercises that time the mussels of your breast are working properly and they grow  with the help of daily exercises.


If you can do yoga in every morning, then nothing is good more than yoga. It’s very useful for all body problems.

Yoga works faster and better than other exercises. You could keep a beautiful and healthy figure helping by yoga. Try yoga every single day in the morning. It really works full.

Your breast grow bigger in size within some days. You can lose your body fat also and get a sexy and beautiful figure with the help of yoga in your home.

You don’t need to go outside. You can do it easily without any problem. Best way to make your boobs bigger.

Soya milk and soya beans

Soya milk and soya beans also helpful for increasing the size of the breast. Soya milk and beans are rich source of protein.

You can take daily a little dose of soya beans and milk, it is really affecting.

Note:  Never take overdose of beans. It can be effected on your periods.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a best way to make your boobs bigger. It’s easily available in supplement forms.

You can take these doses after consulting the doctor. Overdose of saw palmetto can harm you.

So never take an overdose of saw palmetto herb. This is a cheap idea, can make your breast bigger.

Fennel seeds for big breast

These seeds have a rich source of vitamins for breast enlargement. The good thing is these are tasty and work fast on your breast size improvement.

You can use it paste or powder form in your food. Within some weeks you can see the result. Your breast will become bigger in size.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds for breast enlargement. These seeds having Phytoestrogen inside, that help for breast enhancement. The good properties of flax seeds to increase your breast size.

Take these seeds as a powder form. If you are pregnant, then you can’t take these flax seeds dose.

Because it can cause allergic reactions and blood related infection. And overdose also causes these type of reaction. So overdose and if you are pregnant than avoid flax seeds.

Breast increase creams

You can use the breast increase creams, the best way to increase breast size. There is no side effect of these creams because these creams are made from natural ingredients.

No harms and really effective. This is a cheap and easy way to increase your beauty.