Hilarious Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend over Text

Romantic relationships often become a humdrum routine. There is a need for some spark to keep it interesting and moving. Playing pranks over text is a good way to keep your boyfriend engaged and bring a smile on his face when he is busy or feeling low.

How to Prank Your Boyfriend over Text

How to Prank Your Boyfriend over Text: 10 Fun Ideas

1. Flip Text

You can use a text flipping app or website to flip some text that you have written (you can write anything that you can imagine). It would make your boyfriend go crazy trying to figure out what you sent.

Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend with Flip Text

2. Meeting His Ex

The last thing that your boyfriend would want is you meeting up with his ex. It might reveal things that he might not want you to know. Sending him a text that you are going to meet his ex soon can put him on high alert. It is for you to see what he does next. However, don’t pull the prank too long or he might just consider texting his ex to check (only if they are still in talking terms). Another good idea is to tell him that you just met his mother or anyone from his family that you have seen pictures of and introduced yourself to her/him. It is sure to catch him off-guard.

3. Getting Inked Together

Send him a text stating that you have made an appointment at a tattoo studio for getting a couple tattoo that requires both of you to be present. Complement the prank by sending him the weirdest couple tattoos you can find on the net, as ideas. It works best when your guy hates any kind of body art. Also, many guys shy off from this kind of tattoo as it would mean committing to a relationship. Anyways, this one could catch him on the wrong foot.

Way to Prank Your Boyfriend Over Text with a Couple’s Tattoo

4. Intruder in Your Apartment

You can write that you feel someone’s presence in your apartment. Or that someone has broken in and you have taken shelter in a room from where you are texting. You can express how scared you are and that is sure going to freak him out. It wouldn’t be long before you hear his car below your apartment. It is also a good way of testing how much he cares for you.

5. His Contact Name Got Changed

Question him who he is. When he replies, just text him that someone changed all the contact names to the different characters of Star Wars and you are currently texting Darth Vader. Ask him to prove his identity. You will laugh when he tries to remember the last date or the last gift he gave you.

6. Wish Him Good Luck for an Event That Doesn’t Exist

You can send him a text wishing him luck for an interview or test out of the blue. You can stretch it a little further and wish him all the best for a happy married life with someone else (it could be his ex)! It is sure to get a prompt reply. If you and your boyfriend are co-workers, you could wish him luck for his presentation at, say, 2 pm. You wouldn’t want to miss the look on his face when he goes through the text. Presentation at 2? He is not even prepared? Did he miss the email? There could be so many thoughts crossing his mind.

7.  Pretend To Be Someone Else

Don’t recognize him when he texts you. Tell him you never heard his name. When he asks who he is speaking to, give a different name and pretend to be a different person. If he plays along the tune and still flirts with you, you know you are caught. If he continues questioning and seems confused, you have pulled off the prank well.

8. Issues at Office

A good idea would be to text him that you had a big fight with your co-worker that has left you in tears. It could also be the news that you got fired. He would sympathize with you and could even bring you a gift (think chocolate!) to calm and console you.

9. He Lied and You Just Found Out

You can be vague regarding this sort of text. You can say that you couldn’t believe he could lie to you like that, and if you want to add more to the fun, tell him you want to break up. Be ready to be flooded with questions and he trying to defend himself. It is also a good way to find out if he has really lied to you.

10. Makeover Madness

Text him that you couldn’t help getting a makeover at a high-end studio you came across and send him a picture of someone he can’t recognize. You could also tell him that you got your hair colored, edit your image to showcase a bright green or neon colored mane and send it over to him. Then you just need to sit back and watch the fun.

Prank Your Boyfriend Over Text With a Picture

Be careful about the timings that you send the texts to make them believable. All the pranks can very well be played on April Fool’s Day, but they become way too predictable. You can try pulling them off at any other regular day for them to be a roaring success.