How to Tie a Choker: 5 Trendy Ways

Choker necklaces are always hot and you can wear them with almost any type of outfit. Even if you are wearing a simple dress, this necklace can glam it up. Gone are the days of the elastic choker that would sit tight on your neck without giving you an opportunity to personalize.

How to Tie a Choker

How to Tie a Long Wrap Choker

The long rope-like wrap chokers can be tied in a multitude of ways to suit your preferences.

1. Tie Up Lariat Choker Style

This tying technique gives you a cool and casual look for a classy brunch or a night out. It would look good with low cut V-neck tops.

How to Tie a Long Choker


  1. Go for a long choker necklace of the tie around type and wrap it around your neck.
  2. Tie a simple knot with the long ends that are hanging down your front.
  3. Tighten it to come up close towards the middle of your neck.

Styling Tips

  • If you want to keep the ends shorter, you can make multiple wraps around your neck in step 1 above and loosen up the knot a bit.
How to Tie a Choker Necklace
  • If you want, you can layer the wrap choker with chains or necklaces of different lengths. It lends an interesting variation to the accessory and adds to the style.

2. How to Wear a Bolo Tie Choker

This tying style can spice up any outfit. You can accessorize a simple tee by wearing your choker necklace in this way.

How to Wear a Bolo Tie Choker


  1. Take a bolo tie and slide the metallic clasp down.
  2. Take a part of the loop so formed and make a smaller loop.
  3. Put the small loop around your neck with the clasp grazing your bosom.

3. How to Wear a Wrap Choker Bow

How to Wear a Wrap Choker Bow


  1. Take a wrap choker and wind it twice around your neck.
  2. Tie off the ends in a cute bow.

Styling Tips

  • A leather wrap choker gives a cool edge to your outfit. You can also try it with a shoelace for an uber chic look.
  • You can take a thick black velvet ribbon, encircle your neck from the front and tie it in a big bow at the back. In front, it is just a narrow black strip acting as your choker. The large bow suits low back cut or backless blouses.
How to Tie a Black Velvet Ribbon Choker
  • You can lace up a corset choker with a string and finish it off with a bow for a fab look. It goes best with an off-shoulder dress.
How to Lace a Tie Choker

4. Wearing a Multi-Wrap Tie Choker with No Loose Ends

How to Wear Wrap around Choker


  1. Wrap a tie choker entirely around your neck without any overlapping.
  2. Tuck in the free ends.

Other Ways of Wearing a Choker

If you are bored with the rope and cord chokers, you can try to bring in more volume to your accessory by using other material.

5. Tying a Scarf into a Choker

How to Tie a Choker Scarf


  1. Roll a scarf into a thin strip starting from one corner.
  2. Put it loosely around your neck.
  3. Make a bulky knot at one side.

Styling Tips

  • You can do this knotting technique with a thin strip of denim or any other fabric of your choice.
  • If you make a slip knot, the loop around your neck will become adjustable.

Surely, you must be excited about the different ways you can tie your choker necklace and are raring to try them out. They rock your basic jeans and top and classy ball gowns with equal aplomb. The different tying methods make your accessory a statement piece.