10 Exciting Long Distance Relationship Activities and Games

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you might be looking for ideas to sizzle things up, breaking the monotony of regular text messages, video and voice calls. You can have a few activities or play enjoyable couple games to add some zing. They don’t need elaborate arrangements and make your communication thrilling.

Long Distance Relationship Activities

Fun Long Distance Relationship Games and Activities

1. Take an Online Compatibility Quiz

Play an online game to test the compatibility of your relationship with your partner. You would typically be asked questions about the depth of your feelings for him or what activities you are likely to do together. Both of you can take the quiz and tally the scores.

2. Go for a Lunch or Movie Date!

Keep it hip and happening by going for a virtual lunch date. Keep Skype or any other video calling app on as you visit a restaurant and order your favorite food. You can also take each other’s suggestions while deciding on the food. As the preparation tickles your taste buds, share your gastronomic delight through the video call. Another option is to watch a movie simultaneously on your computers. Plan on what you want to watch together. Once you have zeroed in on the film, start watching at the same time and keep your audio call live as you share your “oohs” and “aahs”. Check out his reaction when a love scene is going on. You might get goosebumps!

Long Distance Relationship Games

3.  Send Him a Surprise Gift

Everyone loves presents. Don your creative hat and take some time to put together a care package for him. You can curate handmade gifts and treats for the package and send it over to him. When he calls, have a fun time discussing why you chose the assortment for him. Be ready to be showered with love, and who can say? You might receive a surprise care package as well!

4. Share the Joy of Open When Letters

Cherished moments stolen from your love life are priceless. You can pen them down on a bunch of open when letters and send them across to him. So he has something to read when, for example, he is feeling low, stressed or happy. Be innovative and paste a few pictures of merry times spent together that can put a smile on his face after a hectic day at work.

5. Game for a Debate, Anyone?

Pick a hot topic that you do not share similar views on and start a debate. Put forward your views and explain why you are for or against the motion. Let him explain his stand too. As the temperature of the debate soars, you would get a taste about how he fights for something he is passionate about. It would draw you closer irrespective of who is the winner or the loser.

6. Plan Your Next Vacation

Dreaming about escaping the chaos of city life by getting lost in each other’s arms with lush greenery, tranquil beaches and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop? Plan a romantic getaway with him. You would find yourselves getting busy in searching for the perfect vacay spot with each other’s inputs as guides. Once decided, you can plan the itinerary. If you are more conservative, you can plan your next date or visit, instead. This activity would ensure hours of pure bliss in each other’s company in anticipation of good times ahead.

7. Play Truth or Dare

Compile a list of funny and tricky truth and dare questions and challenge him. If it’s a dare, he can video record his attempt at the task. Take turns at the game as the thrill meter of your relationship soars.

8. Play Rapid Fire

Ask him a set of ten questions that he has to answer immediately. For example, reading a book or watching TV on a rainy day? If he can’t answer immediately, he is out and you get a chance to answer his questions. The person who gets all the ten unflinchingly is the winner.

9. Write a Love Story

Email him the story of your relationship. It could be about how you first met, who made the first move and what keeps the affair ticking. Express the warmest of your feelings in words. He does the same. As you read the mail, you would be awestruck to find a different, unique perspective of small incidents of your love life penned by him.

10. Where Am I?

This game would form the basis of a long conversation. Give him short and tricky hints pointing to where you are. It would get him thinking and build up the suspense. Let the hints not exceed ten and limit the number of his tries. If he can guess it right, send him a gift or just shower him with kisses over the phone. You can play this game when you are out enjoying with your pals or running an errand. It would be great sharing a few laughs as he takes a dig at the game.

You can also check a few other games to play with your boyfriend over the phone. Long-distance relationships lack physical contact and need a spark every now and then to keep them going. You can keep it interesting and grow your bonding by curating activities that allow you to share experiences that would make fond memories in the long run.