9 Hilarious Pranks to Play on Friends over Text

Friends are people who stand with you through thick and thin, and whom you can share fond memories with. However, thanks to our busy schedules, we seldom have time to connect and enjoy the friendship. If that is your case, you can think about pulling small pranks on them over text. It would add a spark to your relationship and offer you a break from your humdrum life.

Pranks to Play on Friends over Text

Prank Texts to Send To Friends

1. Change the Shortcuts on Their Phones to Funny Words

You can change the shortcuts on his phone to funny words or phrases. Like you can change ‘yes’ to ‘moo’. Now text him a question that requires him to reply in the affirmative. You will laugh when he answers. Continue questioning to increase his frustration with the shortcut. You can pull this prank on your best friend.

2. Pose As A Guy Who Helps In Getting Engaged!

If you know that your friend is in search of a partner, you can send him a text introducing yourself as someone who helps getting people hooked with a suitable match. Though the text is a bit weird, he may promptly reply. Then you can send him pictures of animals. You would laugh at his reaction. Do message him from a different number for this prank to work. You can do this for any other service that he requires. If it’s an interior decorator that he wants, you can show him some samples of your work. It could be images of stables and bird nests. It brings out the animal lover in you, you see!

3. Confuse Them As They Try To Unsubscribe From a Texting List

Use a different number as you send him a promotional spam text. At the end of it mention a code that he can send to unsubscribe from the list. Once he replies with the code, send him the same message again. Repeat as many times he wants to unsubscribe. If he doesn’t reply anything, send it to him on loop. Once you feel you have irritated him enough with the trick, disclose your identity.

4. Attempt to Switch off Your Friend’s Phone

In this prank, you first text your friend that you are going to switch off his phone by sending a code. He would frantically try to persuade you not to do it. Then send him some random symbols. He would expect the screen to darken. When nothing happens, just send a smiley with the message that you changed your mind.

6. Change the Contact Names on Their Phone

You can change your contact name on his phone to a character of Star Wars. Then start a conversation themed on the movie. He would be stunned to know that a fictional character like Darth Vader is talking to him. If you want, you can change the names of other friends too and have a conference call to confuse him all the more.

7. Pull a Grammar Prank on Your Friend

This is going to drive the grammar freak friends crazy. Tamper with the phone settings of your friend so that it auto-corrects ‘it’s’ to ‘its’, ‘there’ to ‘their’, ‘your’ to ‘you’re’ and so on. After you do it on the sly, start a long conversation that is sure going to drive him crazy.

8. Cat Facts, Anyone?

Use a different number to thank him for subscribing to cat facts. Send him some minute feline details every hour. Be ready to receive toxic replies from him as he gets irritated. The prank works especially well during his working hours.

Prank Texts to Send To Friends

9. Do a Scary Text Prank on Your Girlfriends for April Fool’s Day

This joke would give the creeps to your girlfriends when they are alone in their apartment at night. Use a number unknown to her and text her that you have been following her for quite some time and want access to her home. Say that you can even break the door open if you want. Say correct things about her to put her on high alert. However, don’t stretch the joke too far or she may call the police.

There are so many of us who get immense enjoyment in annoying our friends. They are our lifelines who always wish us well. There couldn’t be any harm in warm-hearted leg pulling and joking through text. At the end of the day, it is the smiles that we share together that keeps the relationship alive and kicking. Good text pranks allow you to do that.