7 Fun Texting Games to Play with a Guy

With the growth of modern information technology, today’s generation is able to convey, correspond, express or lament unflinchingly through texting. But, sometimes trying to remain in contact constantly gives rise to monotony and gloom, affecting a relationship in the long run? Use these texting games to your rescue and keep your conversations exciting, fulfilling as well as gay.

Texting Games to Play with a Guy

3 Games to Play through Texting with Your Crush

1. Abbreviations

Play this cute game if you intend to give some meaningful signals to a boy, whether you have liked him for weeks, or you’ve just met him. For instance, type in “LGFAM” to mean “Let’s go for a movie”, and see if he can decipher. Besides having loads of fun, his responses are sure going to aid you to have a peep into his real feelings for you.

2. Continue with Movie Lines

Carrying on a discussion with quotes or lines from well-remembered movies can be really fun, especially, on occasions like talking with a guy after an initial introduction. Spice it up by selecting themes or categories like all Leonardo Di Caprio movies and watch how for hours you remain connected with each other. This is also a good texting game to play with a boy to find out his likes and dislikes.

3. Fill in the Blanks

Want to instill some naughtiness in your regular tête-à-tête? Send him incomplete sentences such as “I want you to…” or “I love it when you….” and wait for what he fills in. Proceed to make the discourse all the more thrilling henceforth.

4 Games to Play over Text with Your Boyfriend

1. Would You Rather

This old, flirty game can sure sizzle up moments between you and your boyfriend, or a spouse and even fiancé, no matter whether he is in the next room, busy in boring games or miles away, held up by some obligations. You can choose to remain mushy by sending romantic texts like, “Would you rather have a hug or a kiss?” or be prankish by texting him something like “Would you rather buy me 10 dresses or a pair of diamond earrings?” The more outrageous are the messages, the greater is the fun.

2. Eye Spy

Another cool game that works quite well through texting is eye spy. Here, he will have to identify a certain thing or a person you are thinking of with the help of the clues you’d give. For instance, if you are thinking of Michael Jackson, you need to text first, “Huge pop star”, to which he writes, “From America?” and so on the questions continue till he arrives at the right answer. Once he finishes, you are now up for his topic. For a little variety, 20 questions might work too.

Games to Play over Text with Your Boyfriend

3. Build a Story

You begin by writing an imaginary line, and he has to add the next one. Now, the opening sentence may be anything – you may even involve yourself and your loved one in your fancy tale, for instance, say, “Once, while rambling in the jungle, I suddenly confronted you”. The way he helps you to carry it on enables you to picture impossible possibilities concerning both of you.

4. Be the Character

This one is best to keep your guy interested when you are having a long distance relationship. Now, amidst the bevy of on-screen characters, one or two must be your favorite. How about pretending to be like them for a while? Pick any two like Paris and Nicole, Calvin and Hobbes, Dumb and Dumber, and text each other the unique way they would say things. You may also include a small prize; the one, who can keep texting without letting go of his character wins and has to be given a surprise gift by the other once you meet.

If you find yourself badly caught up in a boring conversation with a guy, (maybe your ex-boyfriend) you may try a classic game like emoji translation to make it enlivening. Use your emoji keyboard amply to communicate with him and see how a tedious exchange turns stirring.